Fighting Bots or Players? Error 10010

This is the first game I’ve seen who banned IP ranges to fight bots, There are many solutions on this topic:

  • Bots usually use pre-written programs for automation
  • You can easily check the game files with the Easy Anticheat program. Those who have replaced their configs can be banned.
  • There is another easy solution which you can hire GMs to ban bots as they always use the same patterns in game.

Using a populated IP range doesn’t indicate any problem as many players use ping forward apps for better gaming experiences.

Or ignore the community whole because no one knows how to kill a game as much as you do.


Bump for visibility

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61 Channels in Azena North Vern
61 !!!
Cannot wait for the ban wave

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There are solutions to be considered for banning Bots and ofcourse IP range ban is not the answer as it never worked till know.

The problem is getting out of their control because they have taken the wrong path.