Fiix the game servers!

This is Getting ridicules I spent all the afternoon trying all the possible fixes, this never happing to me before, I have 1GB/s Connection there is absolutely 0 change of me getting disconnected, this error only shows when I try to join Raid or Entre Chaos Dungeon, I even reinstalled the game, switching my router nothing fix this, I Contacted amazon support they just said it a common issue.

the game was running perfectly last week no issue, its just started for me Today.

We Need Fix This Soon!!


I am having the same issue with no success and lost raid lockout on an alt.
Before we receive a response telling us to contact live support… I was just informed that they do not provide that anymore…


Oh, I thought it was my internet playing up.

Glad I’m not the only one with this issue

Hey everyone! I’ve sent this problem straight up to the development team to be looked into.

AGs servers are complete trash.
I encounter so many issues and bugs with them. “No, it’s on you.” is all I hear, because other people are lucky enough to not encounter the same issues. Fucking ridicolous.
Support only copy pastas the same response to any form of report, proof, etc. “Verify the game files. Change your underwear. Unalive yourself. It’s not us.”