Final proof that Lost Ark is a dead game


Wehh wehh

It’s hilarious to think that people don’t understand the sheer amount of bots in this game and how they affect numbers.

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prob about 300k bots

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People understand not sure why you think they don’t lost ark is still very popular even if u ban all the bots even half if bots prob 300k are bots at least

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idk if you guys are getting the OP’s joke. they’re pointing out that steamcharts was saying there’s “0” people playing the game.


I’m really disappointed… Thought it was a really obvious one.


Nope… lmfao missed it.

That’s actually hilarious now LOL

people too happy to say “haha look at all bots haha it is so bad haha” …

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Might just be me, but Steam seems to be completely pooping itself and the game has been refusing to launch for a full hour now. I’m kind of surprised nobody is talking about it.

I have uninstalled game. Lines of dozens of bots farming rec points made me felt like i’m wasting my life doing the same…


Such a tragic end… on the bright side

They finally killed the bots!

how is it dead when i queue for stuff instantly? smh

And a lot of them are in the queue in front of me in off peak time AUS wednesday at 2pm. 3.6k queue at this time from real players…yeh no.

Do u really did ,cuz when i unintal wow i didn’t go on bliz forum to inform all about it xD i stop be intrest ingame or what oder sey about it

Discovery in phone keeps puting forum in my feed

śr., 25 maj 2022, 06:56 użytkownik bloduwedd via Lost Ark Forums <> napisał:

bots wouldnt be in que its real people

I’m sure they’re glad you didn’t…

Your joking right…they are pumping bots into the game every split second.