Finally honed to 1490 and now

Finally honed to 1490 today from 1472.5. Now I can just take a break until Kakul seydon then farm 4 times kakul and then take another break until Brelshaza comes. My god I’ve burned in this game faster than paper on a dumpster fire.
Joking aside, I’ve burned out pretty fast, I don’t know if the eternal grind for every character to get relic sets and relic accessories plus engravings burned me or is it the inflation which made me just feel like we need to grind harder to keep up.
Perhaps I’d like to make a scouter, was pretty hyped, but with not even express event for scouter I don’t wanna get even more burned in this hopeless hamster wheel.


Thanks for sharing.



Thank you for reading!

what a bad roster, 6 characters at useless ilvl. maybe you wouldnt have burnt yourself out if you didnt make so many characters that just sit at a useless ilvl.

Atleast 4 of your characters are good :+1:

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I say just play rested/casuallly. Its what i’ve done more of lately and its nice still getting 66% of the materials for only 33% of the time. I did play pretty hard up to valtan and before vykas but cut back a bit and found it much more enjoyable since I’m only spending like 2-3hrs instead of 6+ I feel like that kind of play set lets you still keep up just fine.

Currently 1505 on my Bard, 1460 Sorc Main alt and then 2nd Bard at 1445 with 3 other alts just getting to 1415.

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I was actually waiting to exchange the sorc with Scouter but you know, still unavailable and no express event to 1415 :3

atleast there is paid PPs and maybe we get another ark pass for september

Nice roster.
I have 1490, 1447, 1415, 1400 and 1370.
This took me around 1400h, and i feel kinda the same. Right now I’m doing all my weekly content on all characters and full daily on main. But for all alts i do 1 guardian and 1 chaos, and then i log out.

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If ur weapon isn’t 25 youve accomplished nothing. Glow is testament of real completion :joy:

All jokes aside, solid roster :saluting_face:

Didn’t they mention there will be an Ark Pass with Scouter release?

no official confirmation of this. Just alot of people thinking it has to come with it because they haven’t announced any support for the Mechanist and Ark Pass would at least be something to help speed him along.

It’s also around the time an arkpass would come out as they are every other quarter in korea so far, one in Winter and one in summer. We got our first one in Spring so Fall would be around when we get our next one if we go on that schedule.

There’s alot of loose support for the idea that ark pass comes with Mechanist but nothing 100%

Every MMO is a hopeless hamster wheel.


Unfortunately, they mentioned the opposite.

If I had to take a guess, as long as the server merges go smoothly, it would be in October. Hopefully the October/November roadmap will share some news. Really sucks for anybody wanting to use it for scouter though. x.x

From my pont view that roster is a total burn-out maker. 1370 mean Yoho + Abyss + P1 of Argos (or being carried by to P3). At 1370 u also encounter with alts half made that are their way up and do no have engravings and/or equipment (specially now that pheons are so expensive, people try to go to 1415 to get relic equip directly without investing in legendary) it is a nightmare unless you do everything with your guild changing from carried to carrier… So most of your 1700hours were doing not as fun content. Maybe if you go for less chars but more item level you will enjoy it more.

From my point of view the interesting things are the raids specially in HM and only 2 of you char can do them. +2 other two that can do valtan+vykas NM

You finally honed do 1490 but:

lvl 9 gems?
LOS 30?
1505 ilvl?

No? never going to get accepted in clown sry


Idk, I’m doing that kind of roster and im enjoying it. Cycling rest bonuses, doing oreha and then just paying for Argos buses works fine imo. Just depends on the person.

Theory goes I could play 5 characters daily, ooooorrrr I could just stack rest bonuses over 11 and only play 5 of them each day to keep things fresh. Tbh once you get past 1340, parties stop sucking. Before that tho, it’s a nightmare.

that’s the entire game welcome to lost ark.

make ONE character > get it to 1475 for clown > you beat the game > make more alts > not having fun? > make more alts > what do I do now? > make more alts.

did i not make myself clear?


welcome to lost ark.

the key to having fun is…make more alts because the game lacks content.

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it doesnt really lack content.

we have weekly raids to do on our mains and thats kind of all any raiding focused mmo gives ppl. sure some of em will inflate the time played by adding extra and less mechanic heavy bosses but experienced ppl tear through wow/ff14 raids.

this is a normal gameplay loop for a raiding mmo. most raiders will raidlog in games like wow/ff14, they’ll be online for 1 day a week unless they have alts that can also do that content.

you dont have to make more alts, you can play the content you have and then go play something else.

for instance you could raid in wow, lost ark and ff14 all in a week. thats alot of raid content you could enjoy.

Im 1507 since 2 months or so.
Im done with the Game for the next months.
Maybe i cone Back when the Game is finished

The deathblade with the bound platinum outfit was my second character to reach T3 by march but I didn’t had enough fun with her, other 1370s were also classes I tried out, had fun but decided they weren’t going to be the 6 gold making ones due to being not fun in the end or super expensive (like sorc).
By the way, I can only play 3h a day since I work from 8 to 18h.