Finally reached my gear goal! 1490!

It took me a while, but as a F2P with 9 alts and a 3 day headstart from the Founder Pack, I’ve finally reached my goal of hitting 1490 on my sorc with almost perfect stats and damage. It took a lot of grinding and about 3 months off of work. But it was totally worth it. Going to get started on a surge deathblade now, I think.


and a 3 day headstart from the Founder Pack

Do you know the definition of F2P? Not bashing your achievement but thinking that you are “F2P” is disingenuine considering you have 9 alts… means that you “paid” the character extension slots.


No guild?

I dislike clutter! So I turned off guild names/titles on everyone. That info is available in character screen anyways.

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Congratulations to your wallet :partying_face:


300m dps monkaGun

Can you share a pic of your char pls ?

Can’t do 1490 this fast F2P, even with 9 alts. You definitely whaled. Good bait tho.


Ye, obviously. Nobody took the bait.

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If they actually had 9 alts, they would have roster lv140 at the minimum. I only have 4 characters in total and mine is 126. Man these f2p memes are getting out of hand, at least be honest if they are just gonna whale tbh


9 alts, roster lvl 129… I doubt you knowledge transfered every char up to punika


people not seeing the 300 million dps and genuinely thinking its real lmao

I kted as much as I could, 4 or 5 alts fully.

U can equip all engravings in trixion :wink:

I clearly have the normal/my character engravings on from screenshot.

Lol, nice goal posting :pepemock:

Now this guy is gonna be a known meme on his server, ez clap lmao


Congrats but the F2P bait really ? even with 15 ALTS

you bored or why are you posting this bait ? :joy:

best sorc eu/na no doubt man