Finished Bever's Friend. Didn't get powerpass

After the Reaper update and reading that there was going to be a new Punika Powerpass available I logged with one of my characters and re-do the Bever’s friend quest. After completion, the powerpass never appeared and I realized the quest was available on all my other characters. I did the quest on two more characters and yet the pass never appeared.

Hello @steve_lp95, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to read that your Punika Powerpass from the Reaper update is missing, if you had already completed the quest Berver’s Friend, then the powerpass should have been sent to one of your characters who had already completed this quest before the patch, try checking their in-game mail and confirm if you’re able to find your powerpass on any of them.

If not, please provide us with the name and server of any of your active characters so we can investigate further.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, have a good day in Arkesia.

Hello, I have the same problem and the powerpass is missing. The Quest was done before this patch. I also checked all my others chars.
Name: Jessleyna
Server: Asta

Hello @Jessy, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to read that your Punika Powerpass is missing, after investigating with the information you’ve provided it seems that the mail containing it was accidentally deleted, I’ve gone ahead and escalated your issue to see if it would be possible to restore this mail, I’ll get back to you as soon as I receive a reply.

Have a good day in Arkesia.

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Hello again @Jessy.

I’ve received a reply from our team and unfortunately it won’t be possible to restore this mail as the powerpass was part of the Rage with the Machinist update, which has already expired.

The Punika Powerpass you received from the Feast with Friends update however, has already been claimed, please confirm if you’re able to use this powerpass from your Character Selection screen menu (just check if the option isn’t greyed out, no need to use it yet if you don’t want to).

Have a good day in Arkesia.


thanks for your fast answer. Unfortunally I cant use the power pass in the character selection screen menu. And for sure u can see that I not used it on any character yet.


Hello @Jessy, thank you for this information.

In this case it may be necessary to escalate this to our dedicated team so they can investigate further, if possible, could you please provide us with a screenshot the Powerpass menu on the character selection screen?

Hello @kolci, hope you’re doing well.

The free Powerpasses, both the 2 every player receives for Vern and the ones granted as part of progression events such as the current Punika Powerpass from the Feast with Friends update are obtainable only once per region.

Hope this information helps, have a good day in Arkesia.

Hey is the powerpass only for one server? I have friend playing 2 servers and just got only one powerpass thx