Finished Ealyn's Gift But There Is No Powerpass

I finished the Ealyn’s Gift quest but I couldn’t get the powerpass. Would you guys help me please?

Check mail or something. I completely forgot how I got mine but I just remember opening something and it was there.

I tried. We bought powerpass while we were playing on Kadan server, then we decided to switch servers and switched to Thaemine server and then we finished the Ealyn’s Gift quest and then my other 2 friends got powerpass. But I didn’t get it.

Hmm. I never ran into this issue. I would say just wait a while and it should be in your mail. This is all I know. I wish I can help you more but I don’t have the knowledge for that. Hope this little help can be of use to you. If not then, I am sorry, lol.

But if you have already used both on one region/server then I assume that’s the problem. You can only get 2 per account. Here’s a link for more info. 1st power pass not working - #3 by GomekMeWaffles

But since you’re two other friends got theirs, then I don’t know.

Yes. That’s the weird thing. I googled for some informations and saw a lot of issue like my topic. Hope they can help.

Yea. That’s your best option. But hey, hope it goes well for you and I hope that any info you get will be of use to you.

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Devs have said its 2 powerpasses per account. Since you used them on another server you dont get more

But my other friends got powerpass. Is that make sense?

Did they finish the vern quest and claim them before switching servers?

You are out of luck. You already got the 2 powerpasses on another server and you won’t get new ones in same region anymore. I am in the same boat, stuck on new server with just 1 level 50.

Knowledge transfer system in your Stronghold is the only way to boost now, costs 8 hours of your time and gold starting from 600 (or 800?) depending on how far in progress you want/can to boost them.