First balance pass, some skill effects have been nerfed by 35%


And so it begins.

Is battle master wardancer? I didn’t particularly find their supportive skills to be too egregious…

they just lowered all DR effects in pvp, it wont really change much though apart from on a couple skills

Will this also be affecting shields? Because I personally find those to be far more strong and offer little counter play other than waiting it out.

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No it wont, there is nothing wrong with the shields, outside of the awakening they last like 4s for most of them lol… Its like one of the easiest things to counter in the game, just move away lol.

Of all things to tone down my goodness. Great


yeah but where’s db nerf

I hate to be the one that people disagree with lol …

But as if players didn’t already die too fast as is…

Less damage reduction = players dying even faster and supports having less ways to help their feeding teammates.

They REALLY should just make it so you can’t get double support on the same team, then this wouldn’t be a problem honestly… long as both teams have a single support it’s actually a fairly well balanced match and there would be no need for damage reduction changes which will effect everything else…

It’s already SO difficult to carry 2 bad teammates on Bard, and with RNG matchmaking it can’t be helped… the matchmaking should definitely be looked at first before buffs/nerfs imo

Good change. Damage reduction is too strong.

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As someone who plays pally in pvp im ok with nerf as long as players dont start whining at me why my support wasnt great. The better option would have been to change matchmaking to match each twam with at least 1 support. Remember that its all grwat ur opponents wont have as effective of a shield periodically, but neither will u.
Support in general and how impactful they are in this games pvp design is more to do with the game design than supports being op, match at least 1 on each side and most of the issue would have been resolved.
Us in the west are thee most whinny players in history of gaming lol foreans are legit probably laughing their asses off at most theae threads. Players here in the west play the game 2 weeks(most will claim years on other regions) and get their asses handed to them and run to the forums with tears in their eyes and post this x class is op withought even knowing how to properly play their class. Theres even a thread of a member saying these are the op classes after 12 hrs of pvping and claim they kno better than 3 year vets lmao. One thing ive learned in 14 years of mmo gaming is 99% of the playerbase has absolutely 0 clue about how to actually balance the game and what classes are actually op or underperforming, me included.

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Yes, I agree very much with what you are saying about most things but especially about how if they just fixed their Matchmaking and put ONE support on each team, then that would resolve the issue without having to nerf.

In fact, RANKED matchmaking should always be 1 support, 1 melee, 1 ranged or something similar honestly, every other type of team comp is legit unfair for one side, and losing constantly literally for no other real apparent reason than “team comp” gets very frustrating.

I wouldn’t even care if they kept matching diamond players with bronze etc, not that that’s great either, as long as the TEAM COMP was good/balanced on both sides, it’s probably going to end up being a pretty good match overall… nothing will make PVP matches more fair than improving Ranked Team compositions.

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