First Gold comes from?

I have only one toon level 50.17, stronghold level 10, just starting Vern with 0 gold. Stronghold quest since toon was 4? to craft battle item which takes 15 gold and I have 0. I have something to market but that takes X gold. Google yields lots of videos on how to sell on market, Okay had I 1 gold maybe. So where does a new player get their first gold?

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Mmm if you click on welcome challenge it shows you a list, certain thing gives you gold if you complete them, also doing certain adventure islands give you gold as well .

Abyssal dungeons are going to be your first main source of gold. If I remember right, each of the T1 Abyssals give 200-300 gold, plus whatever you get (if any) from welcome challenges for first clears.

It gives 80g each ;(

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1.Una task
2.Foggy ridge island quest chain.
3.Some adventure islands reward gold every other day.
4.Abyssal dungeons.

Cant think anything else as they removed alot early game gold cause of bots.

What Una task gives gold, please?



Completing any una task (Alt+J) gives you una tokens that u can convert to gold in town. You can complete 3 una daily tasks per character. And 3 weekly task per character.

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Artisan chests from Masterpieces. Foggy Ridge guardian questline.

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I am not quite sure but I think you can put up things for sale for 1 gold without any fee right?
So maybe to start you could farm some adventure tome items. After you got about 10 or 20 gold you can sale higher ticket items.

Also getting gold from the unas task tokens shouldnt be a problem after one week of doing dailys.

I thought the same, I started on a new server and no this strategy does not work because selling something for 1 gold has a 1 gold hidden fee, so once you post the item you need 1 gold and you will receive 2 gold from your sale.

Op is right that it feels awkward but your first gold will come from adventure islands, it is the most accessible at the start (Blackfang and another one)

You get very less una tokens, like you need 4 stages and its annoying to get enough to purchase gold (You don’t have many weeklies as cube and bossrush doesn’t work)

Abyss is also something and iirc you won’t need gold until feiton I believe.

Thanks for all your comments. I haven’t played for a couple of days so I am checking them out. Makes me feel better knowing I haven’t missed anything along the way, but none of your suggestions are available to me yet. Abyssal Dungeon from alt-Q shows locked. Welcome Challenge 45 highest shown will loots flares, no gold on any I can see. btw Flares are for Raids that I can’t do yet either. Guardian and island are also not available. no worries I will get there eventually.

So they removed early gold due to bots hut didn’t remove early game quests that requires gold.


Don’t forget to do rapports and adventure tomes.