First Grandmaster U.S west

is a NoobBlade, go figure

NA east is a paladin what’s your point. Props to them for staying up 48h and losing sanity over it

It doesnt really mean much at this point, will take a while for ranks to settle.

Clearly the few classes people are saying are 2 good in pvp are getting to those… ranks easier

NA east top 50 has only 3 deathblades lol, more cope threads

every1 knows ur a troll DB main stunbot, no need to discuss with u

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Yes I play the deathblade class in the lost ark video game, and I still lose to players better than me

Im not though and dont consider them op at all lol. They fairly easy to counter.

They are easy to counter, in 1 v 1 scenario but its not 1 v 1

huh? 1v1 they are op

True, they will probably be admitted to a mental asylum.

No they are easy to counter in 3v3 too…

it’s really weird though the rank 5 arty was streaming and he was just like afk hitting nukes watching chat and winning games with free dam, meanwhile I have to sweat my ass off every game to maybe win :laughing:

Pain, Sweat and Tears. We will get there.

on EU in top 10 there’s like 7 deathblades


lol dudes a bot

That’s EUW, the other guy speaks for EUC. As you see in EUW 4 paladins and 3 gunsligers are top 10 :slight_smile:

Either way, NA barely any, EUW barely any. Huh maybe the KR tier list doesnt lie!

Paladins kinda expected lol.

Well i expected more bards. For me bard is better supp for PvP, Pala find him better in PvE.