First Intention Wardancer Sky Shattering Blow problem

First Intention Wardancers have a problem with the Sky Shattering Blow skill. Both of the level 10 tripods are useless. FI WD has only 1 counter, while ESO has 2. One of the tripods removes the counter in favor for damage, wich will leave the FI with no counters, and ESO still would have 1, and the other tripod increases the esoteric meter, wich is also useless for FI. Is not a big deal when you have not so many skill points to spend, but after you get almost all of them, it gives the impression you are just wasting a tripod. And a high level one. My proposal is to just remove the “can’t counterattack” part of the left tripod, due to ESO already using the meter gain of the right tripod. If you think this would be so overpowered in the “counter” aspect (due to the long animation), i think the left tripod just has to be reworked into something else. Maybe a debuff for the enemy where all the party deals 6% more damage for 3 secs to the enemy or something like that, so we can bring some utility to the party since the removal of the crit chance on of main buff. Or just add some buff where we take 10% less damage. Or something else, no matter what, but let us choose something. Right know we have no choice. Thanks.

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