First P1-P3 Argos run, Game Crashed

First run with my guild for Argos P1 through P3. Everything went smooth as usual until P3 near the end my game crashed suddenly and as I reloaded the game, I was placed back into the raid with my guild but the raid was now finished. I was not allowed to obtain any rewards, and my entry for the week has been consumed. This is very frustrating and unfortunate and I hope there is a resolution to this problem, and at the very least I can get my entry back for the week. I don’t even know if this is the right place to post but this is my first game crash so here I am. I also have multiple screenshots for evidence if necessary.

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Very nice guild

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I dont think by the time I got back, they had already accepted rewards and stuff because they didnt know the circumstances I suppose? Im unsure exactly but I know this is really unfortunate and Im sure with the way things go, I will just be shit out of luck until next week and this will slow me down even more for the push to 1415. Yay Valtan! woot.

This just happened to me as well going through Argos P3. I thought there were reentry tickets? What happened to those?

This does not feel good.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox Does the downtime tonight have anything to do with addressing the consistent crashing (for weeks) many people have been experiencing?

Yo thats BS man, I know your pain.

Someone in my group stayed behind just in case but didn’t make a difference.

My guild was surprised to see my return after booting the game back up, and they encouraged me to file a “ticket” for support but this is the closest thing I could find to any sort of customer support for Lost Ark. A guild member said they had experienced a similar event once and they were mailed a “ticket” of some kind to reimburse their weekly entry. I will try to remain positive but with my luck, I dont see much happening.

Yeah same, most of my guild stayed back but they had already accepted rewards bc I am almost certain the crash happened upon completion of P3.

This shows my weekly entry being consumed. Great Full raid experience!

This just happened to me too in mid-raid. My Internet crashed (thanks Spectrum) and my weekly limit was consumed and I did not receive any rewards.

Well for me, this was not internet related bc I was on my PC and multiple other apps were operating fine and then all of sudden Lost Ark just pooped out. Regardless, something needs to be done about losing your entry at the VERY LEAST. Its something completely out of my control and many of us are losing our opportunities to get our WEEKLY rewards. Also for this to happen during this week when I am making my biggest push to 1415, just really bums me out.

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Did you try filing a ticket to the devs?

All you can do is file a ticket and hope for the best.

Usually, when I do guild runs, if I see anyone disconnect, I instantly hit restart and we dont go until reconnection. Saved 2 guildies from potentially losing a lockout. It’s not the ideal fix, but I’d prefer my guild members dont get screwed.

I get there is a problem, but yeah might help in the future until a fix is implemented.

Thats really awesome of you to be such a solid guild member. Could you explain to me how to file a ticket with the Devs? I searched around looking for information on how to “file a ticket” but this is best thing I could find.

This is where I went. With the something else tag, you can choose to open a ticket.

Thanks man, I found that and used it. I have spoken with someone and they did their best to help me out. Another person posted not long ago about the same thing happening to them again and apparently a Lost Ark CS rep responded and said it is a known issue and if we are “eligible” we will be given a reimbursement ticket for our weekly entry. So, time will tell. Eligibilty basically means as long as it was a server side issue and not a personal internet or pc related issue. Mine was definitely neither my pc or internet as I immediately reloaded the game and was placed back into the raid, and I had multiple other programs running like Discord talking to a friend during the raid, and nothing else crashed. So lets hope it works out in my favor. I do believe I am 2 successful hones away from 1415. Need some positive vibes.