First Punika Dungeon. No Reward Chest

Just cleared the Naruna Hot Springs dungeon on normal mode and didn’t get the reward chest. Same thing happened to a friend aswell. I’m guessing the boss drops the chest but because when he dies you instantly get put into a cutscene then a different zone you don’t get the chance to pick it up. Feels bad to lose out on those mats.

Server: Thirain
Ingame Name: Clyve
Friend’s Ingame Name: Ex

Did it on hard, didnt get the reward chest either.

Region: EU Central
Server: Sirius
Ingame Name: Omegajuice

Did it on hard, Didn’t get the reward either.

Region: EU Central
Server: Trixion
Ingame Name: Makrah

Tried it on both Normal and Hard, had no reward.

Region: NA West
Server: Valtan
Ingane Name: Yunoh

Just did this as well with no rewards on hard, so on Normal I waited until the boss took us back to original arena and I got the rewards. Kinda comical tbh

Region: NA East
Server: Una
IGN: Bottom

Same here

Region : EUC
Server : Kadan
IGN : Siltadriss

Same here

Region : US East
Server : Valtan
IGN : Spankky

Same here

Region: US East
Server: Regulus
IGN: Trace

Same here

Region: US East
Server: Una
IGN: Lessen

Completed the dungeon on Hard Mode. Did not receive the completion rewards.

Region: US East
Server: Una
IGN: Pleasecomplain

Same happened to me.

US West

Happened to me as well. Did we find a reason yet?

US East

same here:

I have cleared normal and hard difficulty still nothing

Region : EU Central
Server : Neria
IGN : Jedynak

Still no fix ? just did it and no reward

EU Central

Normal Completion. No Reward. Checked my bags for a good 5 minutes thinking I was crazy

Region: US East
Server: Karta
Ingame Name: Juicies

Same, didn’t get any reward for completing it on normal mode :confused:

Region: EU Central
Server: Thirain
Name: Zpray

Same issue . Normal. Hot Springs. On alt.

Region : US West
Server : Valtan
Ingame Character : Averluna

Same issue . Normal and Hard mode.

Region : NA East
Server : Avesta
Ingame Character : Adoraa

Same here

Region : US East
Server : Elzowin
IGN : Vermag

Same here, happened on my main and alt account on hardmode

Region: NA West
Server: Galatur
In-game name(s): Penguardo and Penguardi