First Time Feeling Doubtful of the Game

I’ve had nothing but fun with Lost Ark since its early access time frame, and the beta to boot. This game is everything I’ve wanted from the ARPG genre for a long time and has some seriously cool stuff going for it. There’s even a part of me that wants to support the devs with some money, but after today’s road map…the entire mood has been murdered.

AGS/SG seem to want to prioritize predatory practices over making a good product that people will flock to. Between NOT changing the methodology for Legendary skin acquisition, class release delays increasing which is losing any chance of having my friends return to the game…also delays Reaper for at least 4 months for me…its hard to want to play the game right now. Even harder to want to push forward. What’s the point if we’re just going to constantly get screwed? Argos first, now this. And that’s not even including the times other players got cheated out of things. Like Summoner players who STILL can’t play a class that was playable in last year’s beta…


invested player here, already have my main, more than half my friends/guild quit already and more after seeing the latest roadmaps due to class delays.

Will probably keep playing for now, cut swiping down to 0, it’s only a matter of weeks at this point for me.

This is the 2nd major bad decision for me, delaying the classes are very bad imho.

But it’s important to not be in an echo chamber and realize the game will not die because of this, but i also don’t believe a western audience will return to a kmmo because of delayed class releases.


I don’t expect the game to die either, but man has it left an incredibly bitter taste in my mouth. Even after 1000+ hours…it was an extremely nice way to ease my anxiety and depression, exceptionally fun. But yeesh…these bad announcements only make these problems spike for me.


No mention about legendary skins in the roadmap why are u already crying about it?

There’s been plenty of mention of it in the existing article…you’re kidding right? Yoz’s Jar? You know…that thing?