Fishing bots will forever cripple the fish market

at this point, even if there was a fix on thursday, the amount of supply being dumped into the market is insane, and I don’t think certain fish prices will ever recover. What worries me even more is what else the bots will farm after this.


Please ban these bots already, how are we supposed to make gold with our trade skills? :confused:


It would be nice if they did something, I wonder how many are here

Bots have destroyed the market. cannot believe how bad it is in our version. I hope they get it under control soon

oof thats disguting… :<

But I dont think they ever solve this problem.

I didnt even know there is a “fish market”

Fish are one of the most cost effective ways to craft and/or sell Basic Oreha Fusion Material for T3 honing. Which is why bots chose to sell fish on the market board.

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the bots in this game are going too far.
but i can sleep with peace knowing that ags will exterminate the bots :joy:

Its the other way around. We chose to use fishing items cause they are cheap, and they are cheap because bots farmed millions of them and flooded the market.

why fish botting? cause its the simplest. Every other lifeskill requires you to walk, move from node to node, identify nodes and whatnot. Fishing is very efficient and takes much less effort from a botting perspective

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yeah, not going to happen lol

Lesson I learned: if I ever get an inkling/ a whisper/ a rumor that bots are doing something, I will insta sell everything related to the content and dump my alts entire bank also and never buy a single drop of the item until it reaches 1 gp and even then, buy it sparingly and what I will use for the day.

they are back btw, sell your fish

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Good. Fishing is miserably boring in every game and the bots are doing us a favor. They keep the prices low so people can enjoy other parts of the game.

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Its great that they are trying to destroy the bot situation.

However, expectations of trying to get rid of it all is almost like…

Mixed water with sugar that has been sprayed all over the kitchen and using a mop and paper towels to completely clean everything it has touched. As for some players, they expect each part, crevice, hole, and corner would be clean in a single second, minute, hour, or day so that ants won’t invade.

I watched the price of collectables flat out go to 1g on some things that were 200g a week ago

The bots are all over the place now farming collectables in areas that have high elite spawn rates that don’t patrol… so things like giant flowers and such in place.

Im not even sure what to do half the time to make gold, because every time something that doesn’t require me to grinds Chaos dungeons for 900 hours to sell mats comes around, it gets pounced on by bots.

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Just gonna say if you bought up made resources like fish before the spike back up to the current price, sell it. No idea why it went up because the bots are still there fishing in Lakebar and other areas. This is just a lull and they will accumulate. If anything the gold farmers are making even more gold at the moment.

Just cuz it’s boring to you doesn’t mean the rest of the people want their effort go to shit. Many people like fishing and that was taken away from them. What I don’t understand is why they even bother selling fish for 1g if listing fee is 1g

Fishing in New World was pretty engaging XD

Bots are crippling the entire game. The same problems that occurred in New World are now existing here. It’s getting old AGS. really really old.

Do something.

Listing fee gets returned to you when a person purchases the item or when the item gets returned to you. It only gets removed when you cancel an offer before the timer ends.

1g items have 0 tax.

Well damn. So 1000 fishes nets them 1000 gold. Lakebar had 16 channels earlier today and they were all orange. So how many thousands of fish is that? Though for some reason pretty much everything else is going down. I wonder if they figured some undermap node farming like we used to see in wow. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised by anything.

Also thank you for the reply. I never actually listed anything worth 1 g before.