Fishing bots will forever cripple the fish market

Well damn. So 1000 fishes nets them 1000 gold. Lakebar had 16 channels earlier today and they were all orange. So how many thousands of fish is that? Though for some reason pretty much everything else is going down. I wonder if they figured some undermap node farming like we used to see in wow. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised by anything.

Also thank you for the reply. I never actually listed anything worth 1 g before.

why don’t they just add to the current anti bot system that they can’t list or buy things from the marketplace/auction house.

Right now they are restricting AH to lvl 30 but that’s a bit pointless because they will get there pretty fast anyway. Also I saw a horde of bots near Mailbox. They probably send proceeds to main account then self delete or something like that. The only way to stop these guys is to prevent them from making bots in the first place. Unfortunately it’s not an easy task apparently. It’s just sad to see out economy plummet because of them.

they could slow them down with adding onto what they did last patch though, if they prevent non trusted steam accounts from using marketplace/ah at all and prevent them from doing anything involving mail.
that’d def slow them down since they’re mostly throwaway steam accounts being used.

Only way to solve it is how they did it in KR where you have to link your government issued ID to the game, doubt many Americans would be down with that

i’d be down for having to provide proof i’m a real american,
but giving my ssn to amazon would never happen even if ags isn’t exactly amazon they are owned by them so i’d be against that.
find a way for them to acquire proof of citizenship w/o doing something that could result in my identity being stolen (though i don’t know why anyone would want to pretend to be my sorry ass) though and ofc i’d be on board.

Bought 100k fish when they were 4 gold a stack.

Sold them all at 27 gold a stack for around 30k gold profit.

Now they at 10 again. Gonna double dip.

No it doesn’t. Fishes are not sold in stacks of 1. Grey ones get sold in stacks of 100 and Natural Pearls the green item in stacks of 10. If they sell 1000 Grey fishes for ~5g which was about the price with all the botting that nets them 50g. Natural Pearls were sitting at 1g for the longest time so 1000 of those would net them 100g.

And +30 other countries that you forgot about.

Or a mandatory 2-step authentication with phone number or something COULD decrease the amount since each would require new phone number but that cucks people with 1 phone and many alt accounts.

Its not that its a difficult task, its impossible. Botting hapoens in all games, unfortunately being a f2p popular game means we just see ALOT of them. All you can really do against botting is make it not worth it and ban them.

Problem is a lot of the fix like trusted accounts impede the actual player and when you have a whiney community like the one here its always a lose lose situation for the devs.

Trusted accounts for market will make a big difference but they will get huge backlash if they do it.

Isnt multiple accounts against the tos anyways?

Is it? I haven’t seen it in ToS if that’s the case. People in Korea have multiple accounts pretty sure.

Seems its not allowed.

Korean accounts are ssn linked too so most likely not allowed either.

I just knew that there are games who allow that and games that don’t. I guess in this case they want to cash in on the “Character Slot Expansion” tickets or whatever they’re called so they prohibit multiboxing. Still that makes my suggestion easier. Mandatory 2-step authentication with 1 account per 1 phone number. Botters would need a lot of phone sim cards.

Ye it would help forum will still get spammed with negative about it though lol.

This forum gets spammed with negative stuff regardless. Some people who start the most replied discussions literally have 10iq and all the replies are either people telling them how dumb they are or same 10iq people agreeing with their takes.

You are correct, it is not allowed and please report anyone you know doing this!

You could literally go on any server, have a GM sit at the location where you unlock fishing, and sit there at the dock to ban bots all day. It would be a full-time job.

agree with this, phone number aunthentication