Fishing level cap needs more insentive

Like the title says I feel that fishing and as well Other trade skills lose a majority of insentive leveling past 50. As many lose intrest after reaching level 30. Leveling the trade skill feels great at first cause every 10 so levels till you reach level 30 you get skills. After you reach level 30 the next major insentive is the Achievement and title you recieve at 50. For most people the title and achievement means nothing to them and isn’t a insentive at all. Some may say that the master skills you recieve is enough to keep leveling but the percentage is so small that unless you have relic fishing rod with good bonuses that boost the master skills, you don’t really notice any difference.

One thing that I think could improve my complaints about leveling past 30 and on is that the 3 skills you recieve get a new/upgraded version of it’s self. For example the Bait now lasts 5 min instead of 1.5 min and the bucket is able to be retrieved in 10 min instead of 15 min. The Net mini game and off the hook would for example be more challanging making since by level 60 most probably have already perfected the game getting perfect 100% of the time but reward being slightly boosted and off the hook I think would only need 3 stacks instead of 5 to cast the net.

these examples of upgraded skills I think would make more people focus on getting their trade skills higher and ones who have it make it feel more rewarding and enjoyable to keep using.

I am using fishing as an example since I am level 50 fishing and it’s where my experince comes from, but all trade skills could benifit from this.

Thank you to all who took their time reading this.