Fishing MInigame

WHAT EVEN AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? A specific rhythm? Hammer the spacebar? No matter what I seem to do I ALWAYS FAIL! What is this FAIL ?!?

stop fishing and go to escavating

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Still need those Tree Leaves

Wait till it gets on perfect, tap space twice, pause a moment, tap space twice, pause a moment, tap space twice… etc… until you pass.

If you didnt know the goal is for it to be on perfect(orange) when times up.

Tried again today. This simply does not work. This is utterly BS

If you’ve ever played Flappy Bird or any helicopter/jet games where pressing space is the ‘keep it up’ function, it’s pretty much that. You let the bar fall to the “perfect” area and then tap the space bar to keep it up and hover in that area.

If you still can’t get it right, then… I’m sorry? :confused:

Easiest way to make the game bareable is by crafting a rod that makes minigames easier. I have a few with level2 and I have never failed any of them.

My fishing rod has “reduce minigame difficulty by 2” as a stat. I still cant do it. No matter if i tap slow, try to find a rythm (2 taps and pause for example) or hammer the spacebar really fast, doesnt matter, i always fail, the arrow just plummets to zero.

go play stardew valley then say this minigame is bullshit XD

Try to unequip your fishing tool and put it back on. Works for me…