Fix Competitive Matchmaking. I BEG YOU

Your competitive playlist is so busted. imma give you simple fixes that should have been there to start.

  1. For no reason in a forced solo que, do you ever score as a team. The rank scoring should be individual. If my teammate drops 1mil and 8 kills but i do poorly, why should he lose points? you like demoralizing your player base? Fix it. You also have players who cant even load, or players with your poor que dropping rank. Many players have dropped to bronze from diamond because you only toss them bronze teammates. fix it.

  2. For no reason should bronze play higher than bronze. Bronze v bronze. Silver v Silver, Gold v Gold, PLAT AND UP SHOULD BE THE ONLY MIXING TO BE DONE.

3.Class balance. It could really use love. If you guys would prefer to keep everyone skating the arena without using space bar so be it, give us a FOV slider to see the whole arena. Countless times you will get hit by a martial artist who Is not in view, Fix it. (i cant say much to class balance as I am a bard with forced reduced damage. love only hitting 7k crits and watch every DB ez button a 30k crit.)

  1. Points gain. You messed your system up with the 30 point start offs. You now have the top 30 not moving in points or even playing half the time, and with your dummy que messed up, they wont gain. idk who thought 3 bronze playing a diamond and 2 plats was a good way to determine rank, but its not.

And before all you maxroll gamers say " ItS a PvE gAmE" then why is pvp even in it. If it can be played, it should be fixed. Don’t come in here with your copy and paste theories.




Heya @StealDoom thanks for the feedback. I will forward your suggestion to the Development team! :slight_smile:

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Wait till you hear about widescreen monitors showing more of the arena than normal monitors :slight_smile:

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Make the ranked queue Pre-made. So its actually team vs team and not 3 randoms vs 3 randoms.
3v3 should be all about team play, class synergy, communication. And atm it is all about how lucky you are when you roll the dice of what team mates you will get in your team.

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Thanks for the clarification & additional feedback!

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* The top players will be actually the best, not the luckiest
* Players will be able to play with their friends
* This will allow you to host tournaments with players that are experienced for that format,
coz if you host tournament atm you will get teams full of randoms that never played
together and wont be competitive at all
* This will get rid of the frustration players experience when they did great and still lost
without being able to do anything for the next game. With team PvP you can always
change your team mates if you are not satisfied by their performance or your play
styles dont match
* Will boost the average players skill level, which will lead to more popularity toward PVP
content as players will be more satisfied with it.

* Players that play only 5 arenas per week for the weekly may feel dissatisfaction (tho doubt
they feel satisfied playing in bronze elo anyway + they can just play 5 normal games with
* AGS and SG may have more work to do with balancing since they will need to balance
some class synergies, not just the class as its own
* The biggest backlash will be from non competitive players that play pvp for fun and dont
push rate, just want to play some games per day against players that are same level as
them. But as they are non competitive and dont push rate - they can stick to normal games
where they will feel less frustrated on lose anyway.


2 separate ques would be smart. But yes i do agree about pre mades. It would really show how well a team can communicate and work together

Exactly why we need fov slider.

I dont think threres enough players to split the q
Plus at high elo the players know how to play with a team.

Low elo does not. As a bard i have dropped so far only getting bronze teammates. I hate how low elo tries to super man only, so im stuck here until something changes.

Doubt :smiley:

They know how to play around the 4 classes that are in every game (sorc, DB, Paladin, SH), And match their play style around them, Doing the same things every game since if they change -
their team wont manage to play around them.

Also I believe Pre-Made 3v3 Arenas (and even 2v2 as separate) will bring a lot more players into PvP in the game. ATM MOST of the players dont enjoy the PvP format where your win is dependent on luck (its frustrating to do better than all 5 other players in the arena and lose, And even more frustrating when you get the losing queue a lot of times in a row dropping rate like crazy).

Not to mention that ATM in same game you can see players with 1400 rate + 1600 rate + 2400 rate VS 1700 rate + 1700 rate + 2000 rate. Imagine how balanced this is. (both teams are with 5400 rate total so should be fine right? :smiley: )

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Yeah so if you see players on the same team with too much elo differences it just means theres not enough players.

Elo system tries to average out the teams elo. Then put on top wtv wait time limit settings they have and you get bronze players vs golds etc.

It doesnt matter what you do to it. The only fix is significantly increase the competitive pvp player base.

I’m not against team queue, it should start from base elo again.

But what will happens is the system wont be able to average out the rating. So your wait time will increase with every win past a certain elo like gold. It will be huge until people of your elo get on OR depending on their time wait settings it matches you with either lower elo or higher elo people. However, reality is since higher elo play more pvp you get matched with higher elo therefore you get stomped.

People quit cause of wait times.
People quit cause of getting stomped
People quit cause of unfair matching (situation we are in now)

It’s a lose-lose-lose situation for AGS. Only fix is more players in pvp. Game has about 100k players at any given time if we are generous. Split between 5 regions euc euw nae naw sa. So 20k players per region?maybe 10% play pvp? Maybe 1-2% of these play competitive. 200-400 players in competitive distributed among 7 ranks with limited spots.

This problem doesnt get fixed. It just keeps getting pushed towards higher elo. It’s what happens in LoL. Matchmaking is fine until high challenger.

TL;DR: Cant be fixed for high elo, will still get matched with worse teammates or wait time dramatically increased. Only solution is to increase population.

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I think even with the limited players, the scoring is a huge issue. Bards dont have High damage, but we dont get scored on shields and heals or even cc. No matter how engaged we are. The fact you are forced solo and dont get scored as a solo. No one uses the in game chat, which could be a key factor that could help a lot of the games. Maybe an automatic voice chat in solo? So at least you can hear if not on mic. Its something haha.

I think ingame voice chat isnt bad or a more effective ping system. Scoring for supports yeah…its bad.

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I agree that increasing the player base is a must for healthy PvP ecosystem in the game.

And some of the ways to increase the players that play PvP is to:
* Better and more rewards from PvP (something for both casual players and something as a
goal that players can aim for at higher rate), Can be exclusive skins, maybe some increase
to % honing chance in higher rate, gold, some exclusive skill runes (new type) and skill
points, exclusive item sets and ect. (the rewards should not be that easy to get and require
dedication, so the player base is stable, this include both cost and rate requirements to be
bit higher)
* let people play with their friends or form team (getting to know the players you play with
helps in the long term to maintain the player base)
* Of course we should not forget that better balancing for the PvP is a must. Since atm the
arenas are full with the same classes every game, the other classes that are
underperforming are not that willing to queue only to get smashed.
* And ofc to maintain stable player base at the top there will need to be something like
tournaments that include lets say the top 100 teams that can win $. ( this will also increase
the popularity of the PvP in general even in lower rates)


I would be okay with a new gear set. To actually use and hone. Will help the pvpers stick out. Pvp based gear for islands and gvg(set bonuses). Similar to the special item in terms of grinding for it.

And yes i agree on the rewards.

They could lower the cost of silver. 5k coins is a lot for just 20k silver.

Adding rewards, one that would increase population, would be selling rapport boxes as well.

All good ideas. I really like the idea of increased honing rates from pvp.

I believe lost ark used to have a separate pvp set before.

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That would be awesome if they brought it back! Would love a pvp set.

Maybe do events on pvp islands every 2 hours, gives coins to use in the pvp exchange.

Can we also look into Macro Texts not working for party chat in pvp, if i can use party chat it should be able to send my pre saved texts attached to my skills.