fix event entries

I took dc when I was almost finishing gate 1 of valtan and when I came back it said that I could not receive the reward and could not go to gate 2 when I tried to do gate 1 again the game did not allow me to enter warning that I already did
I’m going to lose the week because of this, I want my entry back or the rewards


i know this is frustrated but you’re not the only one that has this issue.
if the game recognize you as one of those people who got disconnected will receive a ticket within 48 hours. But only if you were eligible for it.

if not, shame to tell you to try again next week, there is no way to refund or get items given into the game, neither can the support team help you with that.

thanks man, problaby i will not receive this ticket the week resets tomorrow

If you do receive a ticket you can claim it to unlock it again after clear it next week. But that depends on if you get one.

so if that happens, you didn’t miss anything.

But I can’t confirm as I never had any issue regarding this.

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Hello @ruansatiro,

I’m very sorry to about this disconnection we understand that situations like this are very frustrating and that’s why you normally will get the restoration ticket on your game mail, unfortunately in some cases a replacement ticket may not be sent if it’s determined that the disconnection was not due to an error on our side, so please be aware of this too.

This is a post made by one of our community managers regarding this:

Thank you so much for being such a valuable and invested player!

Have a nice day a see you in Arkesia! :leaves: :dagger: