Fix for players getting locked out of Legion Commander Raids due to Client Crash/Disconnects

There is a bug happening when a player gets disconnected or the game crashes during a Abyss or Legion Commander Raid. Players are locked out from entry (weekly entry count exceeded) without getting any rewards and the raid group is blocked until the player leaves the raid. As seen in this screenshot, the Gates are open but the weekly entry count is exceeded. Btw this can happen in Gate 1 and you are completely locked from all the Gates!

I want to suggest that granting players re-entry tickets should be expanded to random disconnects and especially client crashes… The game client isn’t perfect and it really shouldn’t be the case that players get punished by losing the most important weekly activity because there is an error in the client or we get disconnected. It’s really not our fault if that happens.
Is there a concern that this might be abused? I really don’t see any harm in allowing players to complete the dungeon if there was a crash. But the harm done to your progress and enjoyment of the game is very high. And it seems to happen to multiple people every day if I look at this forum.

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This happened to me as well. I was doing gate 1 and my game crashed. I was logging back in when my team cleared it and got the rewards, yet I received nothing and I couldn’t even progress to gate 2 since it ate my weekly lock out. I sent a ticket to AGS but haven’t heard back in 3 days now so I’m just chalking it up as a loss for this week

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I was chatting with AGS customer service today, and they told me that they don’t compensate if we got disconnected due to a maintenance (happened to me on 6/12/2022 1:00AM), but the only problem is that players were not aware of the maintenance we got an alert at 12:59AM when we were already loaded into the raid and at 1:00AM everyone got disconnected. There’s no twitter or forum post about that “planned” maintenance. Everyone on my static is still waiting for compensation (re-entry ticket), 5 battle item chest and some aura is definetly not what we want.

Yes, we can add that to the list of things that absolutely should give a re-entry ticket! What I’m suggesting is that all people that get locked out without receiving rewards should get a re-entry ticket no matter what caused it. Whether it’s maintenance that wasn’t announced properly, client crash, random disconnects, power outage doesn’t matter.
It shouldn’t be that people get weekly lock out but still have Gates open as seen in the screenshot. It’s clearly a bug! The game knows that you didn’t complete the dungeon or get any rewards as the gates still show as open (no green checkmark).

Not gonna happen. They’re pretty set with their “system” that grants re-entry tickets even though it misses a huge number of players. They cant manually hand out tickets too for whatever reason so we just have to pray that the server doesnt randomly boots us out while raiding. Such a scuffed way of handling very important content tbh.

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