FIX for QTE bug on Seto/Vykas until AGS fixes it trully


I make this post cause I’ve been like lots of people here posting about the QQQQ bug on Seto and now Vykas.
I sent tickets, and saw tons of posts about it and nothing got fixed still.

Although I managed to find a fix that someone posted in a comment on an old lost post :
If your game is using anything else other than QWERTY layout, switch it back to it in your game settings for those 2 fights, and voilà it should be fixed.
Atleast it did for me, and I hope it helps people cause I was personally waiting for this to be fixed since release.

Try to share this fix or bump the post, as long as people can play properly with a controller.

Have a nice one ! :kissing_heart:

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It works !

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