Fix for the 10010 problem

So, the solution is there, but there’s some variation to it:

Twitch Drops | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG → unlink all accounts starting with steam, then twitch.
Twitch → Go to twitch, unlink everything, scroll to the bottom of the site because the lost ark webpage is listed there.
Most important link: → Amazon Sign-In → if you dont know your login, just type your email, it somehow had mine, unlink steam account
Prime Gaming → Go to prime gaming website, unlink twitch there.
Restart steam.

Especially the third link is what messes it up - amazongames - if you think you don’t have an account on amazon, type your email there to retrieve password, log in, click your name → settings. If your account is linked there, unlink it. That’s the dumb part - if there is no account linked, link your steam account, unlink it. If you don’t have an amazon account, make one, just so you can link and unlink your steam account. It’ll fix some files in their database. Worked for a friend of mine for whom the other steps didn’t want to work and also had his steam account not connected to amazon beforehand.


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Still none of this working for me.

nice to read - nothing helped