Fix Matchmaking in the GAME!

I’ll just send you a picture


I mean…lost ark pvp is full of dbs…easy class to climb…maybe there are just that many

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They don’t care. It’s literally pointless to play ranked until they introduce some changes. You just get frustrated on a system that doesn’t have one positive thing going for it. Just garbage upon garbage.

From rank difference, to team comps, to taking 3mins to load for a 4min game, to bad class balancing, idiotic equalizer mechanic with double damage for the last 30 seconds and awful rank distribution. Literally nothing good.


I will give up on PvP as a whole in this game soon. I stopped playing ranked already month ago, now 5 matches in a row vs premades who destroy the normals. With the best team comp vs 3 randoms. I am really starting to hate the game because of this matchmaking.

In ranked?

No in normals, premades can’t play ranked together. But in all other pvp games i played so far premades play vs premades. There is matchmaking for that as well.

Smilegate can’t get something as simple as time done correctly in game nor RNG, and you expect them to come up with a good matchmaking system. Yea, doubtful.

Ok, that’s what I was going to say… but normals don’t really matter.

1676 average mmr team versus 1888 average mmr team. Yeah it ended exactly how you’d expect.

Sadly there is no way to arrange these 6 players to make a fair matchup. Yeah you could swap the 1400 for the 1387, but the difference would still be large.

The issue is more likely a player population problem. More players will inevitably mean the average mmr is going to be closer.

I probably won’t play ranked until pvp becomes more popular, but that’s a catch 22 situation. I just know something like this happening will cause me to tilt a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t even do pvp ranked…
Matchmaking buzz, i click accept, matchmaking failed and the nice there… i lose MMR without even being able to play

Hope that smilegate reset the leaderboards for everybody so at least it will be fair…
Some randies does have 95% wins at 40 games… no fking way they are just getting advantage of this “bug”…

This Thursday i checked in the top players unranked leaderboards… we were only a few hours after the reset and there were already people at 10.000+ points, either u have to be ignorant or you can’t do math, there is no way to do that much pvp points in just 2 hours…

LOL I just realized that both teams are just DB hahaha
Lmao full Deathblade vs Deathblade hahaha


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Cmon, FIX this plz !

Yeah it’s sad doesn’t make any sense at all
You shouldn’t be forced to carry silver or bronze players as a master rank against other masters
That’s not competitive

It’s a recurrent problem in games with low playerbases, the game probably could not find more than 3 high-ranked players in matchmaking. There’s no solution apart from increasing the size of the playerbase, which would induce making the PvP side of the game more interesting to play (which, let’s be honest, won’t happen).