Fix pheons srly

After struggling through honing, we cant build alts. Frustration is enough with classes release time, but now you make it impossible for us to build our alts.

What do you want exactly ? Seriously ? You wanna make every person left of the game running away ? Fix your game


Use the gold from ur alts to buy pheons. Youre not supposed to have everything day 1. Its a one time investment


not really, maybe on the accessory yes but not on the stones, you have to reroll the stones everytime they fail for 7/7 or to much negative, so its not really a " one time investment " since they are so expensiv with 9 pheons, especially if you got 5+ alts and everyone needs accessory and stones, for 5 alts 1415+ the accessorry would costs 125 pheons, so just for the alts alone you will have to pay 625 pheons for accessory and thats without the stones, thats the worst thing, i alone spent over 20k gold just for the stone and didnt even got 7/7, they definetly have to do something about it or give us more ways to earn pheon.

and thats not compareable with korea cause korea got inflation and they have hundred thousands of gold

so my opinion : either give us more ways to obtain pheons since they are non-tradeable anyways there is no loss OR remove pheon costs or decreased it just for the ability stones.

@Roxx please think about the idea and tell us your opinion, thanks :slight_smile:

You don’t need a 7/7 stone for alts, unless you wanna go 5x3 on your alts which is overkill and not needed. 7/7 is an endgame stone, you probably won’t ever replace it unless you go for 9/8 stone but that’s either super luck or whale territory

a 6/6 stone with legendary accessory is enough for 4x3, if you add some relic accessories then you don’t even need a 6/6 stone to get 4 engravings

Also if you just create the groups for legion raids, you don’t have to worry about being gatekept and not invited to any parties

But I do agree to decrease some pheon costs, just the argument with needing 7/7 stone is not good.
Also I believe even if they remove the pheons from ability stones (you can’t resell them anyway), it will not get cheaper

If you pay 100g for the stone and 500g for pheons, without the pheon tax you will probably spend 600g+ for a single stone

A few more pheons from login rewards and more buyable ones from event shops would help a lot (9 is a joke)


yes im going 4 lines or 4 lines + 1 when u play a character that needs class engraving lvl 1 only like wardancer or gunslinger. But still, on my main i wanted a 7/7 and i got it after using 450 pheons exactly. Man, when i bought the last 100 pheons from 400 to 500, i said to myself. If i dont succeed stone 7/7 i quit.

I finally got my stone but i know many people who got extremely unlucky, worse than me and they quit like i was about to do too.

I rly dont know what they expect from this system, they make people quit

At least pheons shouldnt bei linked to blue crystals.
Give IT a fixed price Like 5 k gold for 100 pheons.
But 10k Like IT IS now in euc is Just way to heavy.
And the Thing is IT will Go up from now
Just add Them to the goldchest npc and done


950 crystals would cost you Max. 9000g which you get from one single 1430 pretty much.

If you Really want to get peons, it is Easy. I rather spend 50 bucks and Buy the 2600 crystals but That doesnt mean its good. I just prefer to save Gold for honing and engravings.

If you spent all your Money for the week and Hit 1370 on an alt you will have to wait for the reset or spend Money.

I Hope pheons will get a good revamp from smilegate. System is Horrible but it does its job, but in the worst way possible.

last day i spent 200 pheon on 1370 stone and the best i got is 6/4/7

Only because you can get IT “easy” doesnt mean the price is justified.
Imagine playing 10k gold only for fees to be able to buy real Gear which also Costs gold

If you Gear your alt for a 4x3 relic Setup you Play half of the gearcost on fees

Every single pheons post follows the same formula. “I want to be the strongest alt but I don’t want to pay and I don’t want to play the game”. EVERY SINGLE POST.


Are u wondering? Buying 100 gold accessory and paying 1500g in pheons is just completely retarded system.

If you PLAY the GAME you earn more than enough currency to afford a decent build. If you don’t play the game, you work in real life for real money to spend on the game. If this system doesn’t work for you, this is not your game.

Jup. After spending like 15k gold and 200?300? Pheons I gave up on my stone as well :smiley: “best” I got is a 8/5 stone that somehow fit very well with accessories that dropped so I only had to buy 1 accessory for a smooth 4x3+1. Maybe I try again with the stone once I have legendary books.

The sad thing is, pheons for relic accessory might seem like a lot. But really 125 pheons for a full set is not that bad. That’s like a one time investment or something you build over time. But the stone can be like an endless thing you never get, and most likely the first thing you have to do before even buying accessories. So if you’re unlucky that thing cock blocks your entire setup.

Cause they want you to swipe with your credit card to get crystal to buy peons. It’s a cheap short term gain for them, but ultimately LA will go down hill cause of this.

This is a part of the game. Nerfing the pheon costs would be great for me personally but not for everyone and the economy. Getting a bit more pheons from events would be nice though.

The idea that peon is serving us and the economy is a lie. It does nothing of that kind but drain your gold, a gold sink, thus making people more incline to swipe.


A gold sink is a good idea for the game

For the people who wants to take your real money, the dev and management? yes absolute good for them. For players like you and me? Not at all :slight_smile:

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The game would simply get boring if I could gear my all my characters with a single week’s worth of gold, just doesn’t make sense that there shouldn’t be any cost(not incl gold) to buying an accessory.

Not sure what your income is buddy. But I have 6 chars over 1460 running Valtan and Vykas HM every week and I bus too. Yet I do not have enough gold to accessorize my alts and main to 5x3. Almost all of my alt are using legendary acc still. I still haven’t been able to buy and complete a legendary book.

In my conclusion, this game does not provide enough for a legit player to supply the demands at this pace. Yes you can eventually get everything, but how long? A few months later? A year later where you are soo far behind those who swipe and or play 12+ hours all day every day?

So please, the last thing anyone needs to be concerned about is this game being too easy to accessorize and gear their char.

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