Fix proposal for server population overload please read

If you cannot do a proper fix, here is a solution which should be manageable for you to implement rather quickly:

  • Create more servers as needed
  • Cap population earlier to avoid queues
  • IMPORTANT: Enable invitations so players of server can invite friends
  • Profit.

I would much rather not have an issue with server size at all, but if you cannot scale your backend like that, i think this proposal could be a way for people to enjoy the game, with their friends, without queues.

Thank you.

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its a nice proposal in theory… the problem is: the time to implement any of this has passed for now.

there will come another time for it, but right now some other fix needs to happen.

unless to plan on just ignoring the situation for 1-2 weeks (or longer) until the playerbase settles down a bit (as it does for any MMO, or any new online-game for that matter)

Well, with 12,000+ que on EU Trixion – this isn’t a solution. This will make people quit as well. I rather play another game, have plenty, than wait in a que.

If you want to allow people to join their friends, then add a way to join only those who are invited by their friends and also add extra channels to support it.

Otherwise split the server in half and create two servers, or anything, but this que is just as much a game killer as it is the fact that people can’t play together with friends.

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