Fix RNG on Honing and Faceting

I am seeing a lot of issues with this, I thought I was the only one. I love this game but one HUGE flaw is the RNG with, at least, Honing and Faceting. How is it that the LOWER the chance of it working the more likley it is to work… The RNG within the game when it comes to these things is completly backwards. Amazon, Lost Ark, Devs, whoever, please do something about this. I grind to get all the materials to Hone, I have an 85% chance, but fail 3 times? Honestly this should be an easy patch, please work on this. I am seeing overwhelming frustration with this. For now I will go back to grinding because my 85% hone failed…


It’s so weird. From T1 to T2 it felt like it would never fail. Had only a few failings. But from T2 to T3 it feels more like 50% chance even tho I have 80% due to material like moons breath etc.

I have been keeping tabs on how often the RNG works and not and at what percentage. I don’t have mountians of data, but so far it just feels random. Maybe Amazon can look at the entire honing faceting data from all servers, crunch it and see if the RNG is accurate. I know they have the capablity. It would be nice know that while I am grinding and get “RNG’d” that it is accurate lol.

Probaly should have looked more before posting, because EVERYONE has. lol

“I see a lot of issues with this” Cuz you saw a few ppl here complaining about it as if they are majority lmao, there are a lot of playing and i just see a few crying about this.

I can agree with that, but how many people are having the same “issue” without saying anything. It can go both ways. I just wanted make it know. I am not here to complain, only to open a constructive conversation about how to make the game better. That’s all.

It’s not even a issue bro, it’s just how % works… 80% is not 100%, you can fail 90% 10 times in a row, thats actually possible q.q

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85% success is still a 15%chance to fail. Yea it has more of a chance to succeed but there is NOTHING preventing it from failing every single time if its under 100%. Try failing 90%. It’s a low blow but its not a guarantee.

I really want to see this guys complaining when they success with 1% success rate, IF they don’t complain then they are hypocrites

Consistently succeding at 1% I would ask some questions, yes. Again, you would read above I literally am just opening a conversation. I get percentages, I have just noticed more failures at higher percentages then you would normal expect and vice versa. Read that however you want, just curious on how accuracte it is across the game is all. Realx.

You know that with the later T3+ Gear you will be playing weeks with multiple alts to upgrade 1 Piece of Gear. Single digit numbers of houning chance. So get used to this. That is the Lost Ark Endgame. Enjoy playing the classes, enjoy the combat and the content you do. Because the Game is a checklist game. Doing your daylie and weekly tasks over and over again.


Can you tell me how many tried you did in order to think this is a problem? i would love to see your statics and the amount of ppl who participated on it.

its easy to get statistics running cause theres a ingame achivement for failing where you can see how many times you actually failed. Im on 1300+ got a t2 alt and im on nearly 50 fails… If you see people complaining most of them are not responding when you ask for a screenshot of their achivement progress. Theres no bug or anything in honing… But the ammount of people complaining in an online forum is huge cause only people who bother are coming in here crying… The majority does not care about 5 fails and stays online.

The Steam achivements are bugged rn. They don’t show the correct statistics.

its a ingame achivement… not a steam achivement

My bad. Also im almost at 100 fails, i really want that title :c and i hate ppl who cry about failing enchants on anything below 100%

It’ cause its RNG there is no bug there is no glitch or whatever it’s RNG just like winning the lottery is 1 in a million but someone has to win it or whatever. Probability’s don’t mean you will always fit into the normal probability statistic. You could be 90% and fail 10 times it’s just how it is but more u fail higher up ur chance of not failing

They will probably make it 100% for all of you crybabies in the forums anyways so don’t worry about this.


Seriously? I was opening a conversation troll. Stop being toxic, it dosen’t help the community. I just wanted to see who else thought it was a problem or good. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, then don’t say it.

To everyone else, I may have jumped the gun on the thought, but It is still an interesting converstation to have and to see how well the RNG works since it literally dictates the entire game after level 50.

First of all, that’s how RNG works. I don’t want to gatekeep or anything but that’s just how it is. You can wait for the Argos patch that will make T1 and T2 100% so you can get to T3 where the end game is. For now you can only grind buy success stones and tailoring stuff for additional 10%. I’ve failed on 90%, became 99% and failed again.That happened twice in a row for 2 different items. That’s just how RNG works. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not.