Fix RNG on Honing and Faceting

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RNG Meaning – What does RNG Stand for in Gaming? (

Heres a fun site for you explaining some things.

The KEY word in the acronym RNG… is RANDOM. Ive failed with 99% chance… know why… cause that 1% can still hit… at RANDOM.

failing 85% 3 times is 0.15 x 0.15 x 0.15 = 0.003375 1-0.003375 = 0.996625 = 99.6% so chance that he fails is less then 1% its 0.4%

And it is still not 100%.

One thing many people don’t understand that RNG in a game is not “true” random. Basically all random generated numbers in a game are part of an algorithm that is often based on the time (so theoretically if the same player would input exactly the same thing at exactly the same time, he would always get the same outcome). Basically we’re just trying to simluate true randomness but that’s impossible in a computer.

Still it has nothing to do with rigged and even if the chance to fail 3 times in a row at 85% chance is 0.4%, you can still fail. People have to stop taking their personal fails or successes and say that because you failed a couple of times, there is a problem. In order to get accurate data, you’d need to get the data of thousands of players doing the same honing with same chance and then see if really ~85% of tries at in this case would be successful.

if something has a low percentage of happening it doesn’t mean it can’t happen

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did not say it was impossible but unlikely. but revers it if you try and farm a boss for a 0.4% drop how many tries do you need to ge the drop? random is a part of many games but when the drop rate is to low ppl complain even more then this.

I think its 0.0016 % for a drop in this case not sure it 01.23 in the morning and math is not a thing i should be doing right now. anyway just saying. if the RNG system was assessed by a third party or publish the source code for the RNG we have no way of knowing how good or bad it is

and since they are a company trying to make money and have no obligations like
a casino i would not play the odds that they have not weighted the odds in their favor.

dang that’s some gorgeous luck :smiley: drools


This would never happen as it would allow people to calculate when things would happen and allow people to write bots that would for example enhance at exactly the perfect moment to always succeed and thus bypassing rng completly.

Still, many people suspect that because of some failures (even if they are unlikely) that it’s rigged but that is simply not the case. It’s also a big problem with cognitive bias and that people will feel more strongly about a fail while basically forgetting all the times they succeeded. Like if I onetap my whole gear at 20% chance, I won’t be like “oh, this must be rigged”.

If you look at RNG, you always have to look at the whole picture. There are millions of players that hone every day. Obviously there will be some that hit those very bad odds, same as there are some that hit the “jackpot” and succeed way more than they should.

I don’t suspect them because of a few failures. i suspect them for wanting to make more money like every company on the planet. This is not considered gambling right now and there for it does not need to be assessed and certified. so you and i will not know if they are skewing the RNG or if it’s flawed etc. So no i was not expecting them to publicize the source code. just saying to all those that defend the honing system as fair, that they have no way of knowing and taking the side of the only one with a monetary motive seems odd to me.