Fix the Express Mission Guardian Raid progression

Why are the Chaos Dungeons rewards set to level 1 or higher but Guardian Raids require wasting soul harvests on previous tiers where the rewards are useless? Needing to do T1 and T2 soul harvesting on a character that was express missioned to T3 makes no sense.


the event is aimed at low tier characters, to help them catch up. Ideally you would use a character who freshly got level 50. And then those wouldn be wasted, since if you dont have any materials you would need to do the low level guardians anyway therefore automatically completing the mission.

If you decided to use it on a char which already has enough materials to reach t2 or t3, or initially use it on a t2 or t3 char than it’s on you. And 3 days of t1 + 3days of t2 guardians isnt that much of a loss taking the rewards into account.

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