Fix the god damn queue

  1. Matchmaking: I mainly play TE so I don’t have enough data on other game types but I really don’t believe that once someone cancels the queue, you need 3 minutes to find a single other player and it’s oddly suspicious that I usually get the “queue failed” if the accept pop-up is almost immediately after starting the matchmaking.

  2. Queue evasion penalty: I initially thought that it was a great system to prevent people from declining/sleeping on the match found pop up, which would speed up matchmaking, but then… 1st offence was when I quit the game before the match ended, which was 1 day before patch rolled. Was quite surprised to see the big wait time till the 1st offence would disappear. No problem I thought. But then the servers started lagging and before I knew it I got disconnected during a game and BAM another penalty. I thought I’d wait the penalty and the disappear timer out but no chance when you get DCed every 5 minutes. So I waited for the servers to stabilise and started playing pvp again. Then yesterday after I got another one of those wonderful “matchmaking failed” notifications I decided to stop for the day and immediately after, I cancelled the queue timer. Then today when I tried to play pvp again I got hit with another penalty. Like WTF is cancelling the timer an offence now? Or is the system just so dumb that if you cancel the timer right after you get the “matchmaking failed” it thinks you declined the match invite.

TLDR: Get your god damn shit together and make pvp queue great again (although I highly doubt it was ever a good queuing system)

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canceling the timer is not an offence
but yeah I lost 3 ranked matches and got 40 minutes penelty
season is ruined fuck this

yup, half my games have a dc love being dced with 7s left in a match and getting slapped with a 20-40 min penalty, then being dumb enough to queue up again and having a dc while in queue and logging back on to an hour penalty :')

They should really bring back the old system
queue is fucked up enough and we dont need more people not playing pvp
fuck this

it 100% is if you switch characters, move zones etc and has been since day 1. No amount of posts, threads, upvotes has been enough to warrant the overlords attention

Well to be precise what I did was I clicked the “x” button next to the timer in notifications, like I’ve done many times before. But I suspect I did it too soon (while you’re still unable to move because of the 20s queue popup) even though the popup already disappeared (I got the “matchmaking failed”).