FIX the MMR - Grand master rank playing with GOLDs

MMR in this game doesn’t make any sense. I don’t even know why on earth this mmr cant even make players play on their own ELO. look at this, Grand master playing with gold. this MMR need to work in a way where a grand master play with Diamond and above at least, and PLAT with GOLD and above.

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Because an MMR system works under the assumption there are people participating in it.

If you want a 3v3 match but only 6 people are queuing and those 6 people aren’t equal rating, your matchmaking system will eventually pull them into the game after it passes the time limit of searching for equal rating players and eventually expanding the rating window.

It makes perfect sense when you think of it that way.

There are not enough people to fill every rating so invariably, a 2200 player versus an 1800 player is going to happen because there aren’t enough people filling in the 1900 2000 2100 ratings

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this is basically why ppl dont play ranked anymore. nobody enjoys this experience. not the gold player getting stomped by the grandmaster, or the grandmaster having to play with and vs golds.


That would only make you wait longer in q. This system is ok anyway everyone are equal so whats the difference if u play with bronze silver or gold ? Why should I care ? If there are no other ppl in q game will match you with anyone just to let you play. I can bet that 90% of players just play pvp for weekly 11 leapstones.

No it’s not “equal” at all!

Imagine playing League of Legends and one team has a bronze support vs the other team got a bronze midlane which team will have a better time?

People in gold don’t peel like people in master. They don’t know when to go in, run away, follow up or chill and it’s insane bad to have a bronze sorc on your side while the other team has a artilerist for example.

Ur gonna wait 2 minutes no mater what. If someone declines the invite u will wait exactly 2 minutes before u get into the next game.
Why does this work like this in the first place??? If i que up for a guardian and someone declines i get invited again instantly but in pvp u will wait another 2 minutes every time…

There are also player on diamond playing the game. One match i get people with 100 mmr difference in both teams and in the next game there is a difference between 700 mmr? Like what happend in those 30 seconds of que?

No other games does this and it’s a frustrating experience for everyone.

That is not a valid excuse. the fact that if more time is required for higher ELO to find a match then they have to wait. If a bronze finds a match in seconds it doesnt mean that a master or a grandmaster should expect the same time.

They need to work on this MMR. either by removing more point for inactivity at higher ELO to make people play/be active in other to keep the rank or put some restriction some a bronze player is not playing with a grandmaster just because the queue is long


Yes it is.


You have other people complaining about the opposite issue of what you’re requesting. You want a longer queue, this guy wants a shorter queue.

Now what? Why is your opinion for a longer queue more valid?

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play ranked in lost ark its a waste of time,the rank system its meme,100% rng queue

Playing a game which dont brings you money is a waste of time too … You play it for fun …

Less ppl play arenas, system looking longer for a players with similiar ranking to you. Thats why it takes longer, this is pve game so mostly here u will meet with pve carebears. Wanna try real pvp game play Albion, u have full loot so if u win u collect oponent gear.

If only albion had good combat … It would be the best game for me, but the combat there is slow, linear, uninteractive and borring for me.

1v1 is more about thinking, tactic you can win every fight even if guy overgear u much. large scale require good coordination with 200+ players. U have 3 offensive skills there so u need to use it smart. At least in Albion in 1v1 or 5v5 u wont be ccd till death. Here Artilerist or Sorc can cc anyone and u wont be able to move.

I played the game long enought man, and th combat is just wayyy to slow and linear for my taste.

5v5 crystal legue was very fun to be honest, i played mainly frost or healer there.

Largescale fight 20+ are very very boring for me, and big ZvZs are just a cluster sh.t show.

For me the combat is a big draw back of albion, but thats my personal opinion , the game is great and very popular.

No the weapons are not balanced to be equally effective and have hard counters so it really depends on the build you are using, the environment in which you are fighting, and the enemy build , personal skill is not that big part of 1v1. For example there are build such as crossbow 1 shot which are extremely effective in 1v1 duels , but not that effective in CDs because the environment is different and you are not fighting in a small circle.

in 1v1 if the enemy is not playing 1 shot build you will not get cced to death true, but in 5v5 yes you will thats the main think which is happening you CC the kill target and push/interrupt the healer away from it, thats what happens in Crystal League and HGs. if you fail you kite and reset the fight, so as i said its very linear and slow for my taste, but definitely the game is very good and i recommend it to everybody which wants full loot pvp.

I don’t think you are understanding. we are not asking for longer or shorter queue times. what we are saying is that there should be MMR restrictions in term of progression. If your manage to be as good as a grandmaster or master you should not be playing with BRONZE or GOLD in your team or against. IF that means longer queue times for certain rating then the game my figure ways to improve that.

don’t worry , grandmaster players play on every server so when they get on EU it’s just to chill and bash noobs

Omg its only game. Play it for fun and dont care too much about your rank. Imo is better get fast machup then waiting more time for balanced comp. Some times you got better machup sometimes other player get it. Its 50 vs 50. So overall its balanced :slight_smile:

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You are failing to understand the post.

Try reading again.

My issue is not like u described it. If u are ranked very high, get longer queues, cuz even i league challangers wait for 15+ minutes to get into the game, whereas plat players get in after 10 seconds…its not hard to make a system to register players rank and match him with players who have 100± score as you (this is for less rated players, ubtil diamonds and higher)… Matchamaking is set to be around every 3 to 5 minutes to EVERYONE who matchmade, so bronzies have to wait as much time as Grandmaster players do (wouldnt be surprised if they get matched)… Make it that grandamster get matched with masters and higher and leave a system, atleast till plat, to find players even atleast who are plat or promoting to it. Dobt get me started with matchmaking not ranked… Why is that taking so long? Its not based on mmr, but matchmakes the same time as it takes to match brozies with grandmasters it seems

The system is exactly the reason I describe it.

The matchmaking takes that long because that’s how it works.

Do you actually need me to hand hold you through the entire process for your unga bunga brain?

Then lets talk about not ranked matchmaking… Does it also matchmakes people with the same rank? Dont think so. Is it hard to find 6 people queueing for a match? Dont think so. So why do i have to wait 3+minites to play a NON ranked match just to stay in my tier rank? It doesnt match with tier level too, cuz u get ultra ranks with extremes. So tell me, why does i take so long to match not in ranked then? Fever time or not, it takes the exact same time to match as rankeds