Fix this stupid Homing Failing

Fix the Fking Homing i cant be possible that im failing now for 4 days in a row and cant get pass 580 i loose all my fucking mats every day even if i have over 50 % it fails 4 times in a row fix this stupid fucking shit game

there are many insults uff, dont think this will help you here

Hehe. Welcome to Korean MMOs. You will get there, but not always when you want to.

There’s a pity system. Stop crying

It makes no sens they have to fix it when im over 50% and try to upgrade it 4 times and it just fails 0 sens they will lose a lot of player if they dont get the game working in the next few days people getting rly upset white the game. U cant log in for hourse and even if u can log in u cant enjoy the endgame content becurse the servers are not working at all . Players cant get there crystall auro everything is fkd up

Imagine being a CM and even answering this dude… To tell him what’s already clear.
I wouldn’t.

i dont care anymore dude i rly like this game but that way to sus

Flip a coin 10 times and record results.

Do this expirement 25 times.

I guarentee you there will be a time where you get heads 5 or 6 times in a row. Welcome to how % chance works.

No they not not 4 days in a row whit mats from 3 charakters but ok if it works like this sure players will play that game for long

Stop malding man, at least get your sentences straight.

I’ve had maybe 5 failures on my climb to 1K Ilevel. Not that big of a deal for me.

thats the thing its only me my frend pass me 3 days ago and i cant cat up its not working 4 me at all