Fix Velganos (Pizza mechanic) (pls)


I’ve noticed something really annoying that happens from time to time when fighting Velganos. He can (and will sometimes) do the pizza mechanic while near a wall making it impossible to go behind him and complete the mechanic making you either die to it or use a pot and dash out of the range losing light stacks and making the fight longer than it should be.

Please make it so the pizza mechanic is done only if there is enough space for a character to move between the boss and the wall. I think this is a pretty cool QoL fix.

When soloing you have control of his positioning. You need to manage it better, not a bug.

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Position him better or only take partial stacks.

Even if part of him is next to the wall, you should be able to get 2-3 stacks.

Just another garbage design that plagues most of the end-tier guardians.

I never said it was a bug. You can control his position only so much when he dashes in P3 and decides to pizza. This happens once for every 7-8 solo kills so it’s not that big of a deal, but like I said I think it’s a great qol improvement.

If he’s starting the pizza at the wall and let’s say it’s counterclockwise and you’re below the boss, you’re not getting anything out of that.

It’s not really that bad, but could be a good idea to improve this.

It is upsetting if he’s against the wall but then again you don’t have to do the full cycle to get the buffs, get what you can and dash out of it. Ultimately, it comes down to adaptation and skill. I don’t see a need for a change but I do see a need for player adaptation.

PS: I play with 200-250 ping and I still get cucked from time to time due to timing but it is what it is and I adapt, I dash out almost preemptively.

I mean you could also skip the pizza mechanic entirely and just keep the 5 stacks you got before the start of red P3. I don’t think there’s a lot of skill involved for this GR fight. The point here is that the boss is starting a mechanic which is impossible to complete if x and y are not the correct values which I think is not okay. Soloing the boss takes 7-8-9 minutes on 1385-1390 anyways so even if they don’t fix this “bug” it’s not a big deal. Like I said, just a qol improvement imho.

you should try to manage the bosses position to mitigate him from doing it while up against a wall, i know that sometimes he does his own thing though and will jump back into doing pizza though.
in this case you can try to only walk into the pizza for the spots you can then jump completely out for the spots you can’t complete it as there’s no negative to being outside of pizza other than not getting a light stack.

It is almost the same case as when there are lingering AoEs around him while the pizza mechanic is about to happen. Every situation is a choice. You want to do it while there are dark bubbles on the ground? Or you want to skip entirely and wait for the next window? Can you rotate fully and get the full buffs? No? Get what you can and continue accordingly. I think we are all accustomed to completing mechanics 100% but some mechanics don’t require a full completion. Yes, full completion benefits the most in terms of clear time but it has variables. Same thing with Albion and the stagger check. Is it necessary to complete it? Not really, but it makes the raid easier and hence faster. Does it mean these need QoL improvements? Nope.

I mean if that’s the case you shouldn’t be below the boss.

And even if that was the case, you can go out and left and eat the 3rd/4th slice.