Fix your game AGS!

Only disconnected on G2 Valtan today! I call that a success

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Welcome to KR MMORPGs

KRs are bad at coding but smilegate is on another level, for real. This is a 2D game bro, imagine if they had to fix a game like monster hunter world. You smilegate, who love so much monster hunter world, what about u ask them to teach u how to code ? What about that ?


Why Amazon woudl fix it? when ppl still pay for such poor Quality service? hmm?
And i love those ping spikes from 31 to 5000 in EU C… so fun and its been month allrdy and still no fix.

same here, ping spiked for me to 10k ms it was a disaster, in legion raids sometimes i dont even see the mechanics due to delay.

cant wait to do brel p5/6 with disconnects :slight_smile:

I actually hope that these issues are not fixed before Brel released, so people get really mad and finally quit. This game dies and AGS get fucked for being incompetent


Can we get daily, or even twice per day communications, pinned or something, where you guys actually talk about what you did today to fix this Issue?

This Is a MASSIVE Issue that servers are this unstable still.

And the silence speaks volum, It really feels like AGS don’t really care.

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Why in the world would anyone need this? They are working on it…Relax. They have already said they are trying to address it. Do some of you get anxiety over this stuff or something?

AGS should stop using EAC… this EAC always causing troubles to players and AGS

They are saying that, true, but are they actually doing much headway?

4 days or so they said the team was flying to Korea to work with SG to fix It, and zero words from that.

Maybe you’re ok with crashing, but others aren’t, and when It impacts raids, gold earnings, progress, and more then It starts to take It toll.

I mean, for christ sake, someone I know had to abort their clown raid, not because of the clown but because they had frequent DC during G3…

That’s just simply not fun, and their communication’s are wack and weak compared to what It should be.

At least if you do any Deathless raid those days you can show off as a damn lucky hero

jimmy.ould said: “This is a 2D game bro”
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

?? yes ? Lost ark is a 3D game in 2D projection, which means that all the characters are created in 3D, then put in a 2D world. Can you see the depth of the world in lost ark ? could you at least be a little more cultured before making fun of people ? Its embarassing “lordzerg”


community - “fix your game ags”

AGS - “no you”

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I think I might be right with this one LMAO

You know i wouldnt be surprised the Brel huge patch will end up breaking more shit. Look at the maintenance this week, it made the dc worse and they manage to fix it a bit. However, i am gonna eat popcorn and look at the huge shit show next week and laugh at the people who thinks they wont have any problem end up having problems

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