"Fixed an exploit with the rapport system"

@Roxx or whoever, is this the “rapport skip?” that was super popular at one point.

Would like a lil more transparency on this since it is now supposedly fixed.

I’m very positive it’s an exploit that allowed you to use your affection actions 2 more times than expected (so 12 instead of 6) and that’s good news that they are fixing it.

no you never could do your actions 12 times. it just allowed people to dump all their actions on one character instead of across 3-4 every day

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Maybe you are right, I have heard about this exploit but didn’t bother with going too deep into it.

There were reports of players who were able to emote near the NPC outside of the rapport menu and still get credit.

i wish you could dump all your actions on one character in a legit way tho. mapping out 3-4 characters that don’t waste actions is pain

emoting near a npc for rapport points doesn’t consume actions?

Well… To be honest all this rapport stuff is just useless and unfun mobile “click g click g click g → repeat for 30 days” feature and for me they could completely remove it from the game since as a player I don’t feel any kind of fun doing it.

Yeah but it only counted 6 times so you can’t spam it

It does consume actions so you can do it 6 times only

With any luck it’ll at least slow inflation from bots a little bit. No easy gold from Sasha/Avele.

True, they could make it so you can designate 5 npcs at a time and they will get 1k rapport daily automatic

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They should reset all rapport for user who have abused this multiple times!

RMT is not a ban, Exploits are usable without repercussions? So that is the standpoint moving forward?

I know I am exaggerating and it does not provide any major benefits, but I personally see AGS not enforcing any rules like with New World…

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That for sure would be a “we are respecting your time” feature.