FIXED! Missing Character/ NA East/ Kharmine (check edit at bottom)

Fixed by validating game integrity from steam, found one file failed. Steam reacquire it and updated, and my character is back.

Special thanks to @Dim for the help!

My character is missing in North America East, Kharmine server.

I have redeemed several items including the wallpaper and it is missing too. I tried to go to all other 3 regions and see if my character ended up in those servers, and it is not. I am hesitant to create a character now as I am not sure if that would cause my old character and redeemed items to be gone forever.

Please advice ASAP. Feel free to contact me should you require any information.


Server: NA East, Kharmine
Character: Lokanca
Class: Bard

I have just finished talking with the live chat support team. I understand they are aware of the issue and is working on a fix. Support chat told me it may take 24 to 48 hours. In the mean time, I am advised NOT to create new character and play until it is fixed.

A couple questions I would like the answers.

  1. Do I still need to submit a ticket? I have provided my server and character name and class during my chat with live chat.
  2. People like me that has bought founders pack for the 3 days head start. It turns out we will be losing potentially 48 hours at public launch. Will there be any compensation regarding this issue?