Fixed. Thank you. Nice



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ya its bad i havnt been able to log in for 3 days now que is to high

Funny you say that. My main forum account got permanently banned because Shadow Fox didn’t like a comment that I left on his marriage thread (there was absolutely nothing rude, just a general critique of Amazon and their communication). I created this one to try to contact the mods but after 6 views no-one even bothered to reply to my message. A few days later I got suspended again for asking people to stop posting artist threads and the reason was that I was causing “dissent in the community”.

Once that happened I didn’t even feel like playing the game anymore. If people who are supposed to be managing this community can’t take criticism and hand out temporary bans for asking people to stop creating 20 artist threads per day then I don’t want to be part of such community.

I’ve been seeing conversations on these forums in a completely different light since then. It’s almost as if a veil fell off my eyes and I suddenly realised how obsessed I was with the game and how much it was taking me out of the actual reality. There’s so much anger and so much toxicity on these forums most of the time that not visiting them or reading all the “go play something else”, “you suck at playing if you’re not 1415 yet”, people with genuine critique being called “whining crybabies”, etc. just made me enjoy my days so much more.

Today is the second day I’ve not even logged into the game and I think this is probably the end of my run with Lost Ark in general and largely thanks to the way I’ve been treated by some mods here.