Fixing an Imbalance vs. Compensation

They can fix it or I can uninstall simple as that I hope others not only follow and leave reviews on steam but uninstall instead of keep playing.

Game is already prob sub 100k real players across multiple regions. They cant afford to lose to many


I completely agree with you and am one of the unlucky players that wasn’t able to be online from 1 am to 5 am on a Monday morning so I missed out on 110 pheons.

Unfortunately, I think “sucks to be you” is the message they’re going with and there will not be any righting the imbalance.

I’m going to get the same 10-30 pheon compensation pack that the people that claimed 100+ pheons are going to get.

It was such an easy PR win if they just fixed the exploit (if it actually existed) and just let players with unclaimed mail keep the pheons. Every lost ark content creator would have made a video praising ags/sg but instead we have every content creator making negative videos about the “great pheon scandal of 11/14”.

move on we have a good patch upcoming tomorrow… more grind for you :3

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All I want is to be able to recolor the hazard indicator from a light red to whatever color i want, hopefully that is available in there :slight_smile:

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U mean 50k players? And probably half wasn’t online lol.

Totally! Thanks for the feedback. Both of these things are under discussion; though I don’t yet have word on what the final plan will be, they are being taken into consideration. Please just note that whatever is decided will probably all happen in one singular “compensation plan” update for ease.


That is completely understandable, and thank you for acknowledging this.



stop trolling. dont need to monitoring more than 150k players.

Its nothing personal against the employes of the AGS Company. I really appriciate they still stay friendly and do there work as good as they can.

But yesterday you made a move that affected the Balance of the Game. And you said it will need 24 hours to give a message how it will go on.

The 24 hours are over.

Its legal to ask what will happen now

I will call it here, there will only be compensation. I guarantee you they won’t tackle the imbalance issue.

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i think 10 pheons per character ( locked bundle at 1445 to avoid bots ) is the least thing they should do for people who haven’t got any pheons yet ( they should include every character which haven’t got logged in before they lock the mail sending script , or just make a poll in order to let us show the proof how many pheons we suppose to get )

despite receiving 150 pheons from this, even i am completely miffed at the decision to delete mails from characters not logged in

i’m not even that upset about some people receiving 240 pheons, they already had to spend so much getting the slots and even more in pheons gearing them


And how will that plan look like?

Its over 24 hours now and many wait

The dmg is already done… people that enjoy the emails can buy tripods and save then… The other half was left with nothing and after tomorrow patch that will create an even bigger advantage.

They should have never take the mail down… Just ban people that exploit it. It was a stupid decision.

10 meowies for all 16 for that that didint get the mail

If they can’t do a query of their DB to get a list of characters that did not open the offending email then they have more issues than just this.



What does this actually mean?

Because one way to read this is “We will provide a one-size-fits-all solution where everyone gets identical compensation”

Which would not be aligned with an understanding of the original post.

I would be good to have clarity around if there is in fact an intent to deliver an equitable solution. One that levels the playing field between the two groups. One that addresses the inequitable disparity created between those who benefited and those who did not.

Just to put a fine point on it, there’s really only one acceptable answer/solution:

  • Identify who already received rewards
  • Enumerate how many instances of the rewards they received
  • Provide additional instances of the reward based on how many they claimed versus how many they were eligible for
  • For everyone else - Provide instances of the original reward based on the same criteria originally used - one per eligible character

I don’t know what’s involved from a data gathering / query / implementation standpoint. But a one-size-fits-all solution of “give everyone 100 pheons and some potion chests regardless of if they already received/claimed any of the original mail” will not be an acceptable solution. That’s what the OP is talking about with “Imbalance” - You must explicitly balance things.

When it’s smaller issues, I don’t mind that people who weren’t even impacted get the same rewards as me if I was impacted. But this is/was massive. And the same lazy solutions will not fly this time.

There’s a cost associated with mistakes. AGS will pay that cost either way.

Scenario A - You guys properly handle this, and handle it very well. Players are surprised, but pleasantly. It costs you some dollars, because people don’t need to buy as many pheons, so they buy less BC, which means people buy less RC because the RC prices are less lucrative.

Scenario B - You guys fail to properly handle this. Players are disappointed, though probably not surprised. Reputation suffers yet again. This becomes another “do you guys not have phones” / “sense of pride and accomplishment” moment for AGS. Some players actually leave. Some players spend less. Overall level of “happy and content” is reduced. Engagement drops. Revenue drops, by how much, who knows, but it’s a direction you don’t want a lot of those graphs and metrics moving.

I personally suspect Scenario B will cost you guys a lot more in the long run. And it’s the less “human” scenario to choose - because it ignores the warm fuzzy option of “actually truly caring about the people/players and behaving in a way that’s properly aligned with espousing that sentiment”.

Scenario A is a short term kick in the pants, that costs some money up front, but generates some good will and positive reception from your playerbase, and when you care for and nurture us properly, it pays off in the long term way more.

It’s really up to you guys how you decide to handle this. But I genuinely hope for the longevity and health of the game and player base that you guys choose well.


Tell me, database guru, why is that not practical? They were going to do similar to remove the pheons from those that did open the mail; different arguments but still a query of the database.