Flaming/toxicity never helps YOU or your party in raids

I don’t think this is said enough… or some people need to keep hearing it.

There is no world where flaming and toxicity helps people play better/understand/get better. If you are flaming because you are frustrated, you will play worse, and the person you are flaming will be so unfocused that they will definitely play worse/not get the mechs.

Most of us have surely played a MOBA, or other team games, some games are lost just from mental breakage, even from a completely winning state.

When you flame/toxic, not only do you demoralize everyone around you, who may already be comfortable in the instance, but you also completely obliterate the person you are flaming’s confidence and ability.

It always, 100% of the time, will slow you down and makes things harder, and never ever benefits you or anyone around you.

If you are one of these players, don’t just stop it, see for yourself. When you stop flaming, I guarentee your runs will improve, regardless of first-timer or veterans.


You will never make them stop. If you played MOBA you should know what to do: play, ignore and report.
Just don’t ever start any discussion with these ppl, it’s pointless. Hold on until the end and you will never met them again, at least most of the time.

I know it can be hard to ignore all those insults, but for the sake of your nerves and your acc just do it. They are not worth the attention.

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Flaming/toxicity never helps YOU or your party in raids

Totally works.
I called some guy a fkn idiot for being a fkn idiot, then he started playing extra hard so that at the end of the raid he got MVP and called me a fkn idiot.

People can change. Drastically and suddenly.


Which is why the key to being toxic is to do it when the run is clearly hopeless - when you see half your party has queued for the abyssal dungeon with no pots, no prep, and just waste your time, handing over a touch of toxicity won’t salvage the run, nothing will, but it increases the chance of them not doing it again, which is the point.

So, im not playing in random groups because im the Raidleader of our Guild. BUT if i know 1 thing… calling out ppl for doing shit and beeng trash helps wonders. Because if they get called out and everyone knows they are trash they get adrenalin carried. :slight_smile: And you need to regulaly shout at one random guy in the raid. Just to keep them all awake. ^^

Edit: Beware, if you have a women in your Raid never call her out or shout at her. She will ignore you from that point on and play like she wants. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

True, I didn’t mean this in the context of myself. I can already ignore it.

But the irony was, there was a player (I’ve seen several like this) whining about not being able to complete the T2 abyss and it’s taken him 2 hours, even though he was T3 (I am also T3, got 2 chars in it), and as soon as we went back to lobby and remade the exact party, just without him in it, even with the same first timers, we instant cleared it no problems.

Many, many times have I seen this happen. They are always the problem, and it never helps anybody lol

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That’s different scenario, but I can see how that works to be fair, people take that flame lighter because they know you.

With randoms, that doesn’t work. If you’ve achieved any high ranks on any team based game in pug groups, you would know that’s not the way to go.

Perfect example is tyler 1 in LoL. Now he’s reformed he is one of the only player’s in the world to achieve challenger in all 5 roles. Mental game is more important than anything.

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This doesn’t make any sense…

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I know two guys (rl) who are flamers as well. They think their behaviour is justified when others suck. They aren’t able to self-reflect their behaviour or think about how it made ppl playing even worse.
They think ppl have to bear this flaming because… Well, there is really no reason except for “other ppl suck, should delete the game etc.”
You can’t change the mind of at least these guys, I tried, it’s a waste of time. God thanks they play most times pvp and aren’t playing LA. I would be really embarrassed if I had to group with them and randoms.

I assume there are also flamers who simply enjoy to flame other ppl since it’s anonym.


Yup. You’re right, often you will never be able to change anyones mind yourself, they have to change their minds themselves once they realize it’s pointless.

Again, tyler 1 from LoL is perfect example. He’s never been so good at league since he stopped being toxic. Multi role, multi champ top 200 player on NA. Its why most esports pros are soo good as well, never tilting and not blaming others/self reflection is always the key to being a god.

idk, people don’t really play games completely blind anymore, and if you’re going into raids without even watching the 2 min video, I can understand people frustration. but to your question, it makes me feel better. so I think I’m going to keep doing it. lols just block me or whoever is flaming you or watch the 2 min video.

You miss the point. You negatively impact your own experience by flaming others (unironically). Do you think it’s seriously going to do anything to make them play better once u flame? (The answer is no, a rhetoric question) - Nobody plays better when they are flaming/being flamed.

All parties involved focus is now split, and worse.

You will never be able to logically explain to a flamer that his behavior is self-depreciative, never. For a surprisingly high amount of people, the joy and purpose is the toxicity itself, they don’t want you to play better or even care about it, they just want to feed on the toxicity and “flex” it to their other toxic friends.

Like people said, ignore, report, and move on.

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I appreciate the post. Maybe one in one thousand will listen but it’s still better than it was before.

even i said that. just ignore them or me. but w/e ima still flame, cuz its fun for me. its not about the gameplay anymore, cuz we both know your lacking in that department. its about an enjoyable experience for me.