Flare is not enough

I guess players are really enforcing random pug groups to use more than just flare now in Kungelanium.

I just use flare when I get in and it seems I have to use more than just flare now.

Got kicked twice. Once yesterday and now today. Not just me, it seems there are always two of us getting kicked from the group. I thought in order to kick someone. All three players have to warn them to kick that player. How is, two players getting kicked at the same time to happen?

It seems the kick always happens almost at the end of the fight. Am I just unlucky on meeting “bad-players”

I think. yesterday, I was defending a player for not using a battle item. told everyone in the group that this is just a random pug group. just dps and finish the fight. Got kick.

Today got kicked. I use flare all the time.

I think I will just stay with Deskaluda from now on if that is the kind of players doing Kungelanium.


Just post your cry baby text to one of the xxx other topics, there is no need to open every day 1 new topic about consumables …


My god these posts are tiring.

Stop trying to control other players, if you don’t like what happens in matchmaking stop using matchmaking.

Sitting around arguing, spamming the warn/kick and having everyone stop what they were doing to either argue with you or with whomever didn’t do something you wanted them to do is a much higher dps loss than just killing the boss.

Nobody cares what party number you are
Nobody cares what some community standard is
Just kill the boss and move on with your day without trying to make a scene about it.


Can feel the whole story isnt told here.
But here is probably what happened. Flare costs much less than phero or corro. If you flare at any position other than 1 they might get pissed off.

Should they kick you? Probably not.

We also do not know how the chat was

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Why would you even do turtle over desklauda? Because he guarantees relic junk?

Desklauda is free, easy and quick.

If I wasn’t in a kugel static and ran pubs, if I got kicked from those groups, I’d just end up reporting the players who kicked since its griefing the person they kicked that DID still contribute to the fight.


no chatting was happening today.

1 guy post that: why am I warn?.
than I said: someone is angry that you are not using battle item. It is okay, it is a random pug group. just dps.

when the fight is almost done. I was warned. Then I saw the message from the 1 guy. “who kick me”.

I was kicked as well

not much chatting. Just happen. Everyone just dps away and than kick happen…

That’s why i have been killing chicken even though my main is 1495. Much less effort and i can use others as meat shield.
2 extra GHL per day is not worth the hassle.

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When you are “1” in the party you suppose to also use destruction grenade’s. + Flare

Anyway there is always stuff going on in kung guardians when using MM your best bet is to go in party finder and use set items each player for a smooth run

You are the guy that throws a
Flare immediately even if you are number 4 and expect to not have to coro still. Nobody likes you.


I’ve run thousands of Guardians and you know how many times I ever looked at what party number I was?



Zero is also the number of people who do fppc and care about your opinion

So nobody does fppc? Agreed, because nobody resets their bars each run based on what party number they get.

Nah just people you diaagree with do fppc which is a majority

Hard disagree that the majority of people in matchmaking care about fppc at all.

Matchmaking = do whatever you want
Party Finder = Use Battle Items

Report everyone for toxicity, if they harass you for more.


Essentially how I understand it.

tbh for someone that have done 10 Velganos a day for quite a long time, I’m looking at all this Battle Item drama with a satisfying smile.

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I can understand getting warn by two ppl in the party…did I person I defended also warn me as well; hence, I got kick?

Or just two warning is enough to kick a player now?

That part I did not understand

Generally needs all 3 people to warn first before a kick can happen. After that then only 2 are needed to kick the 3rd.