Follow up to Server error 10010 issue

Horrible Friday everyone. I’m the guy who posted a long post yesterday talking about all the troubleshootings I tried and how none of them worked except mobile hotspot (which is still not a feasible solution). For the recap, I am a player based in North Carolina, playing in NAEast (Azena) Server, computer directly wired to Router, and absolutely NO VPN usage. Here are all the troubleshooting I tried:

  1. Launcher Steam as Administrator - didn’t work
  2. Verified file integrity through Steam - didn’t work
  3. Through launching CMD with administrative power, flushed DNS, release/renew IP address - didn’t work
  4. Disabled IPv6 - didn’t work
  5. Rebooted & Factory reset my router - didn’t work
  6. Network Settings reset from windows settings - didn’t work
  7. restarted client, pc, and whole steam many many times as I repeated steps above
  8. Firewall settings for Lost Ark allows both private and public connection
  9. Mobile Hotspot Works but not a feasible solution - nobody has unlimited mobile hotspot plans

Today, I checked my email and I received email from the Amazon representative I talked to yesterday. Here is the email:

Hello, this is Yericko from Amazon Games Support.
It’s been a pleasure to assist you today!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The developers team is aware of this issue and has investigated it thoroughly. Please be aware that this problem is caused by an issue with your network. Therefore, this leads to lose the connection to the game server and prompting such code error. This is something we cannot fix on the server or client side.

As well at this time we cannot provide any type of compensation for losses connected to this error. On our end we always strive to keep the best standards for our servers and therefore for the players.

We kindly invite you to double check your network settings.

Some minor steps that could help are: Restarting the client. Restarting your network. Changing your network from Wi-Fi to wired or mobile hotspot.

We appreciate your patience!

Have a good day!
Best regards,
Yericko A.

As you can see, they call this “my network issue” and none of their fault. It’s crazy to see them blaming my network when I see all these people in the forum having exact same issue with me, with nothing in their fault. At this point, I’m sure they think of us(the customers) as idiots with room-temperature IQ who will blindly blame ourselves. Nothing was officially addressed from Amazon’s side as well according to this issue other than blaming our network and giving useless troubleshooting methods. No amazon representative replied to my previous post either so I’m guessing they recognize the issue, but will not address it.

Fellow users who’s having same issue OR had same issue as me, what’s your opinion and possible plans for this? If this doesn’t get fixed within one week, I am planning on issuing refund through steam and quit for good.


  • All troubleshooting are useless
  • Amazon live chat blames my network
  • I don’t see any amazon representative helping me out in this forum either
  • I am planning on quitting and initiating refund if it doesn’t get fixed within a week
  • People who are having same issue as me, what’s your plan?

Jesus, this game is literally turning into New World as we speak. It’ll be a dead game in 2-3 months. Same way NW lost 80% of its player base following game breaking bugs.

Having the same problem as you. If is not solved soon i will just quit the game and try to refund. It’s a joke that they don’t give any explanation about this problem. The lack of communication is the worse.

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Having the same problem too

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Amazon ban you isp ip. just hurt real player . botter can change their ip.
So ban ip this way is wrong. but amzon think ban ip is good job…
Amzon dont change their way

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Hi @wjdwhdgml9171 , you’ve done some great testing there and I can completely understand how frustrating it can be to have a computer issue that will not resolve even though you have taken exceptional steps yourself.

Based on your testing I do not think this is an issue with your home setup.

One of the things that stands out in your Original Post for me is …

What this says to me is that the problem is persistent on your router connection.
Now, by no means am I saying that there is a problem with the manner in which you have your setup configured.
The implication here I think it the difference between your router’s network and your mobile hotspot’s network. One works and the other does not work. I do agree that playing a game on a mobile hotspot is unsustainable but an excellent way to test something and I commend you for your lateral thinking there.

I will take a guess here and say those two networks have different providers ? Is that correct ?

I think the problem is with the provider of your routers network, your ISP.
The email from amazon support touched upon this.

As far as amazon is concerned “your network” includes everything on your route to their servers before their network. So with that in mind, in essence the problem is not on Amazons network but rather “yours” because the conversation is only between you and them.

At this juncture I would suggest that you speak to your ISP for your home network and enquire with them as to if they are using a VPN on your connections and if so could they implement a change to your connection so as a VPN is not used for any of your connections or possibly just the connections used on the ports or IP’s used for Lost Ark network connections.

When discussing this with your ISP keep in mind that you are the one paying them for a service and you reserve the right to terminate any “contracts” with them if they are found to be unfit for purpose. Although I also do advise when dealing with anyone it always help to remain calm and polite.

Perhaps I am way off track with my “ISP’s VPN” thought but I would like to keep track of this thread.

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So i have had this issue for the past 48 hours. My main IP from my router would not work but my hotspot would…up until an hour ago. I randomly tried logging in on my normal IP and now for whatever reason it works again. This is something on amazons end. I havent changed anything and apparently someone else said the same thing. They are now able to log in out of the blue.

Hi @crazykarl , this is interesting indeed.
Great news no matter how you look at it and could he used to prompt others to try their “normal” networks to try again on.

I do however think this alone is not enough to place the fault on Amazon. It would be nice to get a statement from Amazon about any change to their policy on this and I would expect it to be forthcoming if such a change did happen.
It could be a change anywhere along your networks route.

I would be interested to know the ISP’s involved with the users that are having this issue. It could well be that your ISP has made a change.

Yeah my ISP is Lumen. I live in in an apartment complex and we each have our own individual IPS per unit. All through Lumen. My Public IP is still the same, weird.

Thanks for letting us know your ISP @crazykarl.

I did a quick check and it does indeed seem that Lumen does use a VPN on their customers connections.
IP VPN | Lumen

I am not saying that this is the case in your connection nor that your public IP needs to change with or without a vpn being used but I do find it interesting.
It may be the case that your ISP has made on the fly changes based upon their logs.

Anyway great news for you that you can now play lost ark again. :+1:

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Just like crazyKarl, I can randomly login to lost ark now. My ISP is Lumen as well. As I talked to Lumen representative and they were just as unenthusiastic as Amazon, It’s hard for me to believe that Lumen did something to mess my connection to Lost Ark and for some reason, fixed it.

If anyone has the incentive to fix it, it is most likely AGS. I get that you don’t want to put 100% fault onto Amazon but it makes more sense that Amazon mistakenly banned a lot of IP address associated with Lumen (as this is ISP that provides internet to numerous apartment complex throughout nation) and fixed it after enough people complained, rather than Lumen somehow and for some reason, made a change that affected everyone who plays lost ark and reverted the change they made.

Either way, Amazon representative treating users with automatic message throughout its service (ever since New World) and STILL not learning from mistake from NW and leaving players hanging around their forum with no updates what-so-ever is still very much unprofessional and unlikely behavior of a multi-billion company.

To me, I’m glad my issue is finally fixed, but in all honesty, a simple remark from Amazon that they are fixing this would have been enough. Yes ISP may be at fault as you said, but logically, it’s probably Amazon who caused & fixed this. Even if it was FULLY ISP’s fault, I still cannot fathom why Amazon wouldn’t share a single official post saying “we are working on it, give us 2-3 days”. If they at least tried to communicate with us, I would have been fine waiting even a whole 2 weeks or little longer.

I hope this kind of issue doesn’t happen again and if it does, I hope they learn from their mistake for once and communicate to their customers. This is a customer-vender experience. We should not be bagging for something we are paying for.

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Interesting good to know. Thanks for the information.

Bingo. Really well put. Lumen may have changed something, but the fact that it came during another mass ban wave goes to show that they Amazon is definitely at fault also. You and I have no control over what one of the biggest ISP’s in the world and one of the biggest companies does. A little more vocalization from Amazon would have calmed these forums down immensely. It looks like peoples theory of AGS mass banning accounts with shared households and apartments was indeed correct.

Wow @wjdwhdgml9171, again fantastic news that your issue is resolved too.

Perhaps just an odd coincidence that you and @crazykarl have the same ISP.

What I can say at the moment is that we all do or at least should know that Amazon have stated that they have Blocked VPN’s from use on their service.

Indeed something has changed for both of you on your network connections and not something that either of you have changed.

Whether that change was implemented by Amazon or Lumen is in my opinion the unknown factor now and possibly something we will not have an answer for.
This may have come about through communication between Amazon and Lumen so as one or both of them can put exemptions in their network settings to allow them to connect.

It could be that Amazon now know the IP’s used by Lumen’s VPN’s and have exception rules that allow traffic or vice versa, it could be that Lumen know the IP’s used by Amazon’s servers and have exception rules that allow connection without using their VPN’s.

Either way a good resolution for all user’s effected. (Amazon and Lumen user’s)

Indeed, it’s good to see that I can finally log-in to a game that I support and pay money for. It may be coincidence that @crazykarl and I use same ISP, but you can probably see there are many people throughout yesterday and today complaining about the exact same error message and Mods still giving previously-working troubleshooting that does not fix the current issue.

If I give 100% benefit of the doubt to Amazon and not mention the “unknown factor” you talked about, I still stand by my words when I say Amazon should be reaching out to us a lot more professionally. You see literally tens of post with same problem here and they are constantly giving out same troubleshooting methods that fixes nothing.

Amazon has experience with customer service. A lot of their AWS side (not even mentioning their market/warehousing side) shows excellent customer service. They got their solutions architect, business manager and other roles really showing the good example of “customer-vender” relationship. Yet when we come to AGS, we, as customers, face this issue where we are left hanging with no explanation.

I’m not flaming AGS here - in fact, I am giving constructive criticism. You probably already know how there is a big difference between toxic comment vs constructive criticism. One comes from eagerness to just hurt others and other comes from inclination to help other to see them succeed. I hope AGS can tell the difference as well.

I still don’t believe it is purely OR majorly Lumen’s fault that caused this, but even then, we should have gotten the well-deserved explanation to why this happened/how it will be fixed as a customer. I don’t expect 1:1 consultation like the service Amazon provides to their AWS customers. I know I don’t pay as much as them (as AWS customers are often times a whole company). However, as a GROUP of customers who use Lost Ark and complained about the exact SAME issue, I believe that we, as customers, have right to know what happened, why it happened, and rough estimate of when it will be fixed.

Again, glad to see it getting fixed, but AGS should improve their communications, nonetheless. Users love companies who communicate and are honest.

How did your situation get better, can you tell us briefly?

For me I just randomly logged in on my normal IP and it works. I did literally nothing. I went to get drinks with friends, came back, and it just randomly started working. Either our ISP changed something our Amazon did. No clue. But I did nothing on my end besides log in slightly intoxicated.


That’s pretty awesome, I’ve got nothing left to do with my ISP and AGS but wait.

I hope it gets fixed for you as well man. You don’t deserve this

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Greetings Arkesians and many thanks @mick437 for your great advice throughout the post,

Our apologies for the long time in getting to you on this post and I am sorry to hear you have been having difficulties getting into the game based on error “10010”. We can assure you our devs have thoroughly reviewed the root cause for this error and have determined it is caused by specific settings on your Network and not directly caused by the game or servers. The most common cause for the error is the use of a VPN or proxy redirect, however, there are other settings specific ISP’s may use which can also cause this to happen. As an example we can use what most of you point out where the game is accessible on a mobile network whereas not on the ISP network.

Unfortunately, given this is not directly caused by our servers or by settings we can tweak on our end, there is no fix that can be applied by us either but you can find several possible work around steps that may help override your network settings that could be causing the error found here:

I hope you find this helpful. See you in Arkesia. :wolf:

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