Follow-up to the character slots drama

Yesterday I created a topic considering adding character slots for blue crystals, in addition to premium currency.

Although some criticism was justified, a lot of it was simply not, so I was thinking about dealing with the justified criticism and now I’d like to propose another way of how it could be implemented, so that both f2p players and paying players could enjoy new content in the form of classes.

1. On top of adding character slots for blue crystals, adding a system similar to gold acquisition where you can only farm mats on 6 characters that you pick on a daily/weekly basis (and every character after that gets only bound/untradeable materials) with an option to increase the limit with premium currency only, so that F2P players can enjoy new classes and paying players can still enjoy the advantage of more resources.

PS: The Earth is hollow and there are aliens living inside.

This will never happen and you know it lol