Following rollback on Galatur, main story quest "Legends and Fairytales" cannot be completed

As you can see, I cannot interact with the Triport in Prideholme to complete the main quest. I assume the game detects I completed it since I completed this quest before the rollback?

Not sure, but I really DO NOT want to make a new character since I have rewards on this character :frowning:

Really liking this game and want to play it on this toon, so please help devs! I am sure you are aware of this issue, but I want to let you know this is still a problem.

Thank you!

Having the EXACT issue!

Lost ARK Galatur Server Main Quest Bug - Imgur

Link I posted more details Main story quest missing - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (

Awww man, let’s hope this gets fixed!! Wack!

Just added, I reinstalled the game (after verifying game integrity) Still having the issue.

Just got an update

Thank you for taking the time to report a problem with the game.

First of all, please accept my sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to you this far. I do understand how frustrating this must have been for you.

We value our customer’s trust above all else–it is the foundation upon which was built.

I am sorry that we were unable to find a definitive solution regarding the main quest.

To help fix this issue as soon as possible, I’ve filed a ticket on your behalf and forwarded it to my technical team

I do understand that this can be quite an inconvenience. But we need to go through this to get a definitive resolution for this issue.

It generally takes 2-5 business days for the engineers to figure out whats going wrong.

They should be getting back to me with the updates, or with a definitive resolution for this problem.

As soon as I’ve an update on this issue, I’ll send you an email to relay the information to you.

I’ve also added the reference number for the ticket filed below for your future reference : Case ID: V52133XXXX

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Wow man 2-5 business days for them to fix it, that’s a shame. Thanks for letting me know dude. I suppose I’ll file a ticket as well, to let them know that more people are having this same issue.

Fuuuck man, I really want to play and I’m just stuck in a limbo. Don’t even wanna make a new character since my rewards are on this first character.

Thanks again for the update man, guess we just have to wait until it’s fixed on an indivudal basis? Wild.

Here’s to hoping we can play on our mains soon enough!!

Word. Reinstall did not work for me either :frowning:

I am really thinking that the next time our server goes for maintenance it will be fix. HOPEFULLY. I would strongly suggest opening a ticket just in case it’s a case-by-case fix.

For sure will do. I can’t seem to find where to make a specific game ticket, where do I put one in for Lost Ark? Thanks for your help brotha.

I would either email a ticket or chat - I didnt have to wait long for the chat, they give you a reference number at the end. They may have you try a few things.

Okay I’ll peep the live chat - thanks!

Thanks for posting this I submitted a ticket this morning and heard nothing back. Hope they fix it before the weekend…

Me too brotha

I’ve been checking pretty frequently and will update in here as soon as I see any changes. I hope so too. I literally got maybe 2 hours in after play testing some classes (I didnt look up anything about this game or guides/whats good etc.) just went with my gut to soak in the experience. I feel so robbed of that :frowning_face:

Same im checking often, thanks for reporting here whenever it’s fixed :(( hang in there we will play soon

This answer is not correct. I’m sorry you received it.

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

and follow our Official discussion thread for this issue: Official Galatur Thread