Food Chest for Trade does not give items

I have used at least 5 chests from Una’s daily tasks and I did not receive a single item from it. The chest simply disappears. How can I get my chests or items back?

Are you talking about the chest from the Una task in Great Castle? have you checked that it doesn’t automatically go to your pet storage? thats what happened to me

I do not have crystalline aura on though. There’s no pet storage available.
And yes, the task is from the Great Castle.

Hmm just wondering: could you already have one of the item in the pet storage and whenever you get a new item it goes in there but you can’t see them because it’s disabled?
I think there’s an option to move everything back to main bag.

But if there’s nothing locked in the pet storage, then it is indeed a bug, hope it can be fixed soon.

I have never activated Crystalline Aura and I did click “Move All” in Pet storage, still no luck. :confused:

Sorry then, hope support will be able to help you on this, this una is already tedious enough (still no meat for me after a month) so if we don’t even get loots anymore it’s really bad, lol


Hello Adventurers ! Greetings and hoping you are well today.
Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

I’m sorry it took us some days to response you
Are you still having this issue?

I would like to provide some steps/troubleshooting to see if we can improve your experience so far.

First lets run an integrity check on Steam:

1-Restart your computer and launch Steam.

2-Next, you can either right click the game in your Library, or click the gear icon from the game’s Library page on the far right.

3-From the drop down menu, select Properties.

4-Select the Local Files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files button.

Steam will verify the game’s files - this process may take several minutes.
Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

  • If that does not help, I’d suggest contacting our live chat here: Contact Us | Amazon Games , so that the team can escalate the issue and update on the progress to a fix. I hope this helps!
  • Cheers!

I do not think you can get meat from this box. As you can see from my screenshot, I have received 42 fish, 6 of the produce, and I am afraid to open anymore boxes (I have 11 right now) cause I do the daily on 11 of my toons everyday. Getting the meat is impossible, I do not think it exists. Please look into this. Thank you @GoHi


I have same feeling , i opened like 40 of them and to streak at all , its bugged for sure

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I just used 3 boxes and nothing was given. nothing in chat, no sound, no nothing

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Its not bugged.
According to smilegate the fish is common but the other two are rare despite being the same rarity. Just 10/10 game design by smilegate. You will likely be doing this una for 100 days before you get what you need I am on day 20 only got fish.

Surely it’s bugged if you open it and do NOT recieve and items at all from it. Or maybe this is intentional? Making it even harder to get the meat, I don’t know.

But if it is bugged then I don’t really understand how verifying me local files would help.

It happens to me aswell and don’t know if it is intentional or not. Some clarity on this subject would be nice.

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