For a F2P game it´s ok but not if you paid (ASTA)

The game is good but it´s not worth the money. Thats why i am asking how could i get my money back. Asta is not playable and switching to another server wouldn´t allow to move the items with me. Neither do i want to reward amazon with money for a game (i include servers of a game to the game) that is simply not working. Out of 20 hours playtime you get back 15 hours of waiting and 5 hours of playing.
It´s like buying a car that is looking very nice but the enginge breaks down every day. You would switch that car too.

You mean the total price of free?

I assume you purchased a founders pack or something, in that case attempting to get your money back varies, charge back at your bank if you paid by credit or appeal to Amazon’s customer service, the choice is yours. I don’t think the forum is the best place to do that though, and a simple google search would’ve shown you similar threads.