For all gatekeep cry baby's

Of course reclear party leaders will request horns, achievement or title (soon)
Do you think someone want to learn you while you put zero effort to learn? Hell no, join prog party and learn as everyone else learned.
As a pug, of course, there will be more struggle first clear, but i can say with exp pugs this week mine brel 6’s (4x) was less than 3hours combined.

If you are reclear there is no point accepting peope without clear exp.
Why? Because everyone who cleared was progging for hours aswell, why would someone sacrifice another 5-6 hours.

Also, if you are not accepted in prog party as a low roster level (100-150) make your own group.
Do you know why is there a chanse noone will apply? Because he is complaining and crying about gatekeep

One more thing about roster level, personally i rather accept 4x3 180+ than 5x3 (high acs stats) 100-150.
Why? Simple,

  • Zero knowledge about class they play
  • Toxic + high ego (even if they dont know shit, or they just learned something, their ego pump up like crazy)

The point of this post was :
Join your calibre players


Imagine someone like u typing about high ego. I put 1600 hours in to game since release and have 151 roster cuz didn’t have time to farm roster exp and let’s be honest roster exp can be farmed in so many braindead ways so to me personally means nothing. Also i saw too many “high roster players” who was clearly mentally disabled or they just lost their hands in accident idk. I’m lead in most of raids that im doing, also was leading brel party 1st week same thing on 2nd week. We did well. I didn’t failed etc. I know that i know mechs for all raids and 99% its all good (anyone can fail sometimes) but nothing gets me more cringing like around 180 roster player who denied my alt with 5x3 good stats LOA etc only cuz im not that high roster as he expected


i just want to say it’s amazing how some people think keep it up


Honestly thinking like OP is killing community and closing all gates for begginers or even for poeple who learned everything but they are still too new or have not enought time for playing to get higher roster that even 110. So they will just left. That’s all


let them live in that tiny world they made it’s a waste of time arguing with them


And the most important thing. How exp gained mainly by horizontal content, main quests (what can be farmed on every alt also it can be abused), towers cubes and boss rushes can determine your skill XD cringe af to me

u have right

How did you come up with the conclusion that roaster level translates into knowledge in the class they’re playing + they’re toxic? you don’t even know who they are. We both can see who’s the one being toxic here.


Because 90% of them are exactly like that, suck to suck for those 10%

Yea you are right, tower will magically spill 50 roster lvl kekw

wait what about 150-200 roster?

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Rly this guys was telling about toxicity and high ego XD all you quoted from our comments are 2 sentences taken out of context. I have nothing more to add. Live in ur little world and keep killing community. Cya

Give me a reason to take a 4x3 over a 5x3 and ill stop gate keeping. My time is valuable.


this is so funny. low roster - high toxicity and ego. high roster - transcended ultrahuman XD


I gate keep roster level under 75 becuase they are very new and will often lack skill points or level 60 along with it. Unless its valtan or argos then who cares.

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I 100% agree with the OP and applaud them for making this post. I guarantee some commenters above criticizing op would also rather join a hvykas reclear group with ilevel 1500~ players, 200 roster than apply to 1460 ilevel, 90 roster group or have even rejected someone like that, I guarantee you don’t blindly accept everyone who applies. I worked and played since day 1 for my account and progged alongside people when all these raids came out. When clown came out, I spent full week to clear on one character and I never want to repeat that shit again. I’ve ran these raids so much Ik all the attacks and mechs and expect others in my run to be so as well. I organize my own lobbies for all raids and only accept people who fit MY criteria and I have never been jailed in Hvykas for example after titling it 1490+ lobby and only accepting correct stats for classes, high roster, proper level 7+ gems, LOS 18 or Lwc 7, proper blue quality accessories. Same can be said for people who struggle, open your own lobby and make it clear that you guys are learning the raid. I will carry my friends’ new characters or if we have new player in our close group/guild then maybe I will prog to teach them, but random strangers? Go make your own lobby and accept the same on ILvl people.

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no one is talking about Ilvl fam. What would u pick for vykas 101 roster 1520 with lvl 7 gems 5x3 or 200 even it he barerly have 4x3 and lvl 5 gems and 1470 for example?

Yea you guys seems like geting gatekept like i mention earlier in post. KEKW

Just teling my experience about raid clears, they are smooth, clean and fast 95% of time.

This game is designed for gatekeep there nothing to talk about.

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sure brotha. go create discord channel 250+ whales only and hope that they actually can do something besides of buying a bus. last week i was doing 6 brels and only my main wasnt gatekept but im 185 roster and 5x3 with good stats on all of them and why is that? so i was creating my own groups and never checked roster level. i was only asking for 5+ clears achievment. and you know what? 0 jails couple g5 oneshots couple g6 oneshots. roster matters surely

Lvl 200 no relic 1470ilvl, sorry but it is what is is