For all gatekeep cry baby's

I love the 1530+ reclears “only expert” - need suppx2, prokel and prokel reserve, a change if diapers and a free carry-


Yeah man, it s only natural for you and others to make groups like this actually legit and gatekeep on top when you re in costant floor pov along all the 1560+ no handers.

But hey you know your class, you just dont know how to avoid hits.

Always crack me up.

This I will back you up on. If you are looking for a group to clear and it says reclear and you haven’t been in FINE. I also do this for brel. I usually run teaching parties for Kakul so I take everyone. So for brel I think its fine.

NOW What I am not happy about is the f**king gatekeeping in argos, valtan and vykas. What the flying uck is that shit about? Even with a 3x3 (Normal Raids) high roster not being able to get into a group to fix builds really freaking suck.

You cant learn when you can not get into a group. I said before people are forced to play supports to even clear.

Now there are some people out there who just don’t even try and I WILL NOT ALLOW THEM IN MY GROUP! If they are built correctly let them in. If they eff up after three tries kick them. Plain and simple…

2000 hours but i only have 150 roster. I’m personally clueless as you said but clueless on how tf you get that much roster level. I wouldnt say i know all the shit going on but to tell that i dont even know my class, that feels weird

some people were abusing tower back in the day. so yeah, thats where 200 roster level coming from