For all new players

Don’t play, this is your future …
Left whales die in this game alone.

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oh my i know this player. this player is ego player. every time we beat in guardian or legion raid. called us a bots or tell us uninstalling even this player die a lot while we was alive. this player is very arrogant

news flash every game has assholes


Is that what should make you stop playing? Are you serious you know how many of these there are in the world so I should stop living my life


Are you telling me that just because you encounter a scumbag you think everyone is like that? lmao

So if someone robs you that means everyone will try to rob you so you better stay at your house forever? kek

You also should 100% avoid internet since those people exist EVERYWHERE.


what was ur spec tho and what engraving? the other complaints are garbage, and he coulda just suggested “hey u know with that engraving u rly should focus on getting ur spec high as possible” tahts what id do. dont get discouraged , he didnt even call u the gaymer word

Just like in real life, most people aren’t very nice.

Why would you expect better in a game where those same people can hide behind a keyboard.

there are no new players left anyway. All engravings prices are down.


Hopefully you reported his little outburst?

bruh that dude is one of the countless A* Holes in this game :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

if u offended by that statement…

delete all your Social media accounts

life must go on… just dont be like that person who look down at low lv rooster players once u high lv rooster.

we all start from Low tho…

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Pub People in a Nutshell. :clown_face:

Online is the safe space where humans can show their true colors without repercusions.

Since 99% of them are like that it shows a perfect picture of the future of humanity.


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and this game has the most…


no it doesnt and people that are asshole arent even that toxic in this game.

poe and warframe can be played fully solo and you dont even have to interact with anyone else.
FF has dps meter so if you are shit you dont even get invited

I never said everyone who is against censorship are pedos, stop spreading lies.

I said people who like to zoom into the artist cheeks are weird.

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Your not saying hes wrong though. :stuck_out_tongue:

They reflect their toxicity with elitism.

Its not as toxic to their fellow teammates, but all the more toxic to the games overall enviroment.

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They are not really “elitist” they just don’t want to waste 2 hours on valtan, thats it.