For all the criticism of this update

I gotta give props where props are due and I think the team did a good job with this Lost Ark Academy post for Glaivier. Came out ahead of the release and not two weeks late lol. It thoroughly broke down the class, what to expect, skills, engravings, etc. And you talked about the powerpass. These are all things I knew, but as a newer or inexperienced player, this is well done from a communication standpoint. Hope to see more things like in the future and maybe even sooner (I know, a constant complaint).

Now just release Destroyer with the KR balance and a Punika powerpass and all is forgiven, for myself at least.


This is wishful thinking, but it would clean the salt off the table, at least in my case. They still need to accelerate class releases like they said they would. Since there was never a concrete timeline before the leak, they can probably make up whatever they want and say it’s accelerated.

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I mean believe what you want, but the director originally said one class every 2-3 months. Everyone wants everything now, but that’s just not good business sense, but I’ve already fought this argument too many times on the forums and I’m not here to do that today.

I just hope we get another free powerpass and that it’d be nice if Punika since another month, most ppl should be in T3 and it’d take the RNG out of the 1100 chaos dungeon. And the most important thing is that Destroyer come with the balance changes in KR because those really make the class much easier and better to play. I’ll play regardless, but it’d be a much better first impression for destroyer if it comes with those changes.