For all the people who got false banned

Hi all,

Just a small note to not give up if you got caught up in the recent bans.

My GF got banned last night, she got the 100110 error message upon login.

Submitted a ban appeal, this came back with the usual template/bot auto reply, saying that the ban was being upheld and would not be changed. But she submitted anbother one, and I also submitted one on her behalf, and the ban got removed thanfully.

It seems like some of the ban appeals are legitimately being handled by bots/auto-replies which is ironic. It’s either that, or there are a number of game moderators who are not even looking in into the bans at all

First ban appeal

Second appeal/ban removed

Still no idea why the ban happened in the first place as neither message mentioned anything at all


Ironically, AGS is using customer support bots against real players while a game which they published is plagued by bots.


how long has it taken for them to unban you ? I have appealed for a ban twice and after a bot response, I got a reply saying they are reviewing again and haven’t gotten an update since last night

About 12 hours from first ban appeal being submitted, to account being unbanned (from the second appeal).

Yesterday same thing happened to me literally. First appeal was rejected by bot, then submitted again few tickets and they unbanned me

Pretty shitty that you can spend hundreds of hours and dollars in a game and get banned for no reason and don’t even get you the decency of a real human looking into the error but just a bot saying it is ‘merited’. Then if you’re lucky enough to get it reversed you don’t get an apology or even an acknowledgement of the error. feelsbadman

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